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    Do you believe that there is no short cut for a success? I have a doubt here.

    We always have read, studied & communicated with a statement that there can't be a shortcut for a success but when I go through with the link Do you think examinations are really necessary? than this makes me feel that gone are days when the same was suited to us & to any of the situations or with the circumstances because now the means & ways have been changed a lot. May be the "Jugaad" or "Setting" can better be the terms which is most suited here. Just pick-up the area of your interest & choice & you will feel the complete shifting of trends which is most likely the "flattering". May it be the politics or in some government or private limited jobs or even while doing prayers we instantly pick-up with flattering & move ahead with confidence while the rest of the values are getting secondary to us with lesser or no confidence around?
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    I agree that times have changed. People are trying to seek quick success and in fact, they are scoring in some way or the other. Now, it really raises a question in our minds whether success can be achieved by shortcuts.
    I feel shortcuts can lead us to quicker success but it will be short-lived. Now those who wish to reach at the top quickly can take the route. The short cut route will not guarantee long-term success. One will not be able to hold his position on top for long if the short cut was chosen. Moreover, only a few people will achieve success by skipping things, rest will experience disappointments.

    We all need to carry out our part of work irrespective of whether we want to lose weight, build a career, score in an examination or strengthen a relationship. The world may seem a little upside down right now but I feel real success demands hard work and not shortcuts.

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    Success can't be assured by shortcuts. A systematic approach with proper planning to reach the desired goal will only bring success. But we feel somebody is successful in his life without any hard work and quickly. But it may be a rare case. By seeing him if we also follow the same path we may not be successful. But if we follow a person who achieved success in a proper way, our success is also ensured.

    NTR is successful in politics and Tollywood also. Within 9 months of starting his party, he came to power. He has done with very good planning and support from media and people. Chiranjeevi also started a party. But there was no planning for an action plan and no support from the media. He has never succeeded in that plan, But he made some by dissolving his party in Congress. If someone considers making money is the success, we can he is successful. But as far as I am concerned he is not as successful as his party couldn't survive for long and not left an impression on the public.

    So the definition of success is also very important. Living with good money and having a good family may not be a success. But making a good impression among others and achieving the desired results is the success.

    always confident

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    Shortcuts are not for everyone. Only a privileged few can exercise them. There are many people who have connections in high places and their families are in the high echelons of society and have their own network. Due to these connections, it is easy for them to get a job beyond their qualifications and capabilities.

    So some people are lucky in this respect and can rise in life just because they have networking and connections.

    For others it is only the hard work and sustained efforts which can give success in life.

    Knowledge is power.

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    People nowadays look for shortcuts to achieve success and often bypass the hard work, patience, and perseverance; these are essential qualities in the process of achieving success.
    Getting success through shortcuts may give you something to cheer about, but I can assure you all such achievements are shortlived.
    Any success demands hard work and shortcuts will take you nowhere.
    You will learn a lot of things in the process of working hard and achieving success, while shortcuts will serve no purpose though it may give you some fame, but in the end proves a big disappointment!

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    Few of the members have referred to the consistent efforts & hard work along with some other traits like the patience & perseverance but what if your whole life has gone calculating on those but you are still struggling & still nowhere close to what you had once intended for which you would have got with some little adjustments & agreements in life although not in consent with your heart.

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    All of us say that there is no shortcut to success. But all of us try to find different shortcuts to success. This is due to various reasons, the most important is time-constraint. We wake up late, understand the importance of the project/target much later and then try to find shortcuts to be successful.

    But most of the time, shortcuts don't bring success.

    Come on, have a fight. Don't shoot and scoot.

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    It is human psychology to go for short cuts but only a few times one can get through with them.

    In majority of cases the short cuts will only waste our time without any fruitful results. It is better to follow the usual path of sincere work and efforts.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Hard work and honesty are not enough to survive in this competitive world these days. I have noticed that those who possess only these qualities often remain behind others. One has to be manipulative and smart enough to be successful in personal as well as professional life. Bosses generally dont like people who just work assigned. They like that the people apart from the work also provide information regarding their colleagues, subordinates at least in the private sector. It's not easy to survive for people who just work and dont look after what's going near them. Although there is no shortcut to achieve success yet things seems to have been changed these days.

    " It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not" ... Andre Gide

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    Yes, there is no shortcut to success. But if success means only earning more money and attaining higher positions during one's tenure in service then there are so many ways. Mostly, people denote success in terms of the money they have earned or the popularity they have gained in life. To them, there are many shortcuts and there is a hint of those methods in the reply of Mr Sanjeev Gupta, @ #658250.

    Think of a guy, who never worked hard and never even completed his studies but suddenly won Rs 50 Lakhs from a lottery. Would you call this a success? People will call him successful if he utilises the money in a wise way by investing in a good business. The same people will call him worthless if he misuses the money.

    Think of two men one who toiled throughout the day with his ox to plough the farmland and the other used the tractor to do the same job. The former person worked hard, but the later worked smart to get the desired result. The shortcut to any tiresome job is found when the person finds out the shortest method after going through a lot of hard work. The other persons can always follow that shortcut method, but if they don't have any idea about the whole process they won't be able to move ahead in later stages.


    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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    I am a person who always vote for honest and sincere hard work.

    However from my experience of life till this day, I can say that, yes, there is and will be some short cut for success in everything. However I and many like me do not know that shortcut. Hence we are not as successful as we expect or imagine. what success is.

    Hence I am content with what I have,what I have achieved till now-though I know that that is not what I could have achieved.To reach your destination fast within a short time, you definitely need a short cut. If someone has reached so in a short time, then definitely he knew the shortcut.

    Honest hard work can see that you are not hungry or very poor. But that will not make you everything or everybody you hear as 'successful' and famous.

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    Interestingly, the word 'short-cut' means so similar to 'short-lived'. The moment you cut something short, the existence of it becomes short. We can apply any method to achieve our goal and usually, we attain it but other than some very fortunate people, the rest ultimately struggles to maintain their hold over the position.

    What is the use of such kind of success? Just take for example the high profile police officers of Bengal who broke their service rule and were present in their uniform at the dharna site of Mamta Banerjee. Maybe they thought to appease the West Bengal Chief Minister and wanted to be in her good book, but now the centre is initiating to take some disciplinary action against them then they will be ultimate losers.

    So, why to be in a hurry to get more and more success? It is true that all could not get what they want through sincerity and hard work, but I feel one has to accept it as it comes because honesty has no substitute.


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