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    How to create jobs in our country?

    Everyone wants employment for a livelihood. Depending upon one's qualification and caliber one tries for a job.

    Unfortunately, due to our large population as well as a large number of qualified people and less number of jobs available, the job position is very miserable.

    Govt is trying to create jobs but it is not proportionate to the number of students passing out from different institutions every year and then seeking a job.

    There are jobs in the private sector but they are also fully occupied.

    Many students are working in Malls, Stores and Big shops as salesmen with a small salary of Rs 6000-8000 only.

    Under this scenario what can we suggest as measures to create jobs either in Govt or private sector.

    Please give your views and suggestions for creating jobs in our country.
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    All educated people should not think of a job only. They should think of creating wealth by making their own efforts and should become an entrepreneur. This will give him a good chance to develop and he can provide jobs to another 2 or 3 people. This will be the only solution for creating employment in our country. Depending on the government for a job will be of no use these days. The manufacturing sector in India should go to the top level and should compete China in this sector. Our products should get exported to all countries and we should overtake China in exports. The service sector is also having many chances to have a push. BPOs in rural areas will be an area where we will get manpower at a cheaper cost.
    Basically, our education system should change. There should be a dialogue between the educational institutes and industry. The output from the educational institutes should be able to fit into the industry and they should be able to satisfy the needs of the industry. Then only the unemployment problem will come down in our country.

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    It is important to teach skills to masses especially to those living in rural areas. Education is also equally essential. Masses should be educated so that they can start up their businesses. The government should encourage entrepreneurship. For this, they should make the procedure of getting business loans simple and easier. More and more people should be able to set up their own business and companies irrespective of how small or large they may be. If business set up increases, job vacancies will automatically get created.

    The more the government invests in the employment sector, more encouragement will be offered. There will be more scope to get a job. The government should also focus a little extra on funding in the agricultural sector.

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    Encouraging people for startups for which the government has to ease the process of providing loan, so anyone wishing to start his own business can do so.
    Entrepreneurship is perhaps the best way to increase jobs in the country but Govt should also help students in setting up their own units. Demand for jobs are increasing at a rapid rate and Govt can't absorb each and everyone in the govt sector.
    Providing industrial training to the students and signing Mous between our educational institutions and different industries to increase the availability of jobs and with this will be see skilled products out to start their own startups.
    Govt also has to explore areas where more and more educated people can be settled and work in coordination with concerned departments to increase the availability of jobs.

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    Slowly the Govt jobs will be shrinking further. Is is only the private sector which can generate the jobs. The Govt should make favourable and conducive policy for ease of business and development of manufacturing and service segments and that will automatically generate jobs in private sector.
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    I think the government should focus more on agriculture as it may provide employment of several people who have left their land and have come out in cities and towns in search of a job. If the government starts some lucrative policies then the youngsters may not go out of the village in search of a job. Apart from this, the government needs to focus more on the development of villages and provide facilities like cities there its self to keep the youngster live in the village.

    Small scale industries should be motivated so that more jobs can be created. The scope of Subsidies to industries to be checked so that entrepreneurs may start new industries and create jobs for the people.


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    Ask any student about her/his dream after completion of studies and the answer invariably will be a decent job. While many look for government jobs because of the extra benefits they get, the rest keep on searching for their desired job in the private sector. There are almost no new industries coming up these days and the number of passed out students is increasing. Hence, many remain jobless. One good option that many members have already suggested is entrepreneurship. At first, there may be hardships to successfully launch the business, but once you cross the hurdles there are good chances of progress.

    There is a lack of initiative among many youths to try this option and they waste enough time by searching for good jobs. The country can achieve a high growth rate if the MSMEs grow everywhere. For this, proper planning and new initiatives are a must. There are many sectors which still remain almost untouched by the Indian companies. The government need to find out those and arrange special training for young entrepreneurs to venture into those fields.


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    Government should limit privatization and involve in direct business. Government go for privatization and public private partnership model for two reason. 1. Government faces hindrance in digitization 2. Government faces hindrance in shorten the time frame.

    Government can solve both the problems by forming a committee with business analysts and techie teams. They should frame a set of centralized digitization model. Then they should hire young techies and experienced business analysts to keep control over it. With all these, they can stop outsourcing. They can even go for take over or amalgamation with the existing tie ups. So, there can obviously be an increase in Government employments. Also a greater opportunities for young people.

    Dr. Abdul Kalam also has mentioned that Indian Government exports more of resources, instead they should manufacture them and export products. It will increase Country's revenue as well as employment.

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    Both our central and state governments spend their funds to please the public by way of giving freebies to grab the power. Very recently, during the last month, on account of the Pongal festival, the Tamilnadu government has gifted Rs. 1000/-(Rupees one thousand only) to all the Ration Card holders. Say there are about 2 crores Ration Card holders in the state. The amount distributed would be 2,00,00,000 x 1000 = 2000,00,00,000 (Rupees Two thousand crores). With the same amount, the state could have developed many new industries where the unemployed could be employed.

    Same is the case with the central government. In the interim budget they have announced Rs. 6000/- as a grant to farmers. Instead, the government could have helped to improve farming by giving employment to many. I don't think Rs.6000/-(Rupees 500/- per month) would do any good to the farmers. It is like giving a small peanut to a big elephant.

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