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    Festivals of learning at primary classes.

    Today, I could participate in special function at the Government Lower Primary School, near my house. The Head mistress contacted me a day before yesterday over the phone and requested me to attend a small festival at their school. Accordingly, I went to the school by about 11.00 morning. There, I saw all the classes are decorated with drawings, pictures, different models, vegetables, seeds and fruits, leaves of plants, etc. indicating the medicinal values and other uses of each. Also there were collections of different utensils and instruments, oil lanterns, measuring pots, and several other things which are not seen in any of our houses at present.
    Students could explain about the use of different plants and the seeds, most of them had medicinal values. Many of the discarded bush like growths in our compound have some uses which were known to the earlier generation. A plant, with leaves with somewhat a greenish - violet colour has the property of curing a cut in our body. If we fall down and hit on a stone or something else, a cut may happen with immediate bleeding. Then take two or three leaves from this plant and squeeze them to get the reddish (violet) extract for applying over the cut portion of the body. The cut will be cured within two days. Like these the students have a good collection of exhibits, arranged. They did some dances and music programmes too.
    In fact these are part of their education. Hence the programme is called as "Patanolsavam" (Festival of learning). All the schools (Government and Aided schools) in Kerala are conducting such programmes based on the local conditions.
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    It is a very good initiative by the schools in Kerala which is actually helping the children to learn through practically experiencing things. They might have read about those plants, having medicinal values, in classes and when they are looking at them in the "Patanolsavam" it is helping them to assimilate what they have read till now in the books.

    Active participation in these types of programs clears many doubts of the students and they won't be able to forget so easily what they are seeing in front of their eyes. In fact, this is a kind of practical representation to experience things by looking at them physically which otherwise may not be possible during normal classes.

    Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us and I think this can be emulated in various parts of the country to help the students to have a grasp on what they are learning each day.


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    I think we should have more of such initiatives in our schools so that the students get an opportunity to learn while getting the academic education on the other hand. This post has nicely brought out the difference between education and learning.

    It will be a great thing if the teachers first get themselves acquainted with these knowledge elements and then share it with children.

    Involving the local citizens in such displays of skills is another good thing so that the local people also get a feel of what their children are learning in addition to the usual stuff.

    I thank the author for posting this narration for the awareness of all of us so that if we get opportunity we can suggest these measures to be adopted by the schools in the vicinity where we dwell.

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    A nice information shared by the author. It is good that some schools are adopting such skill generation practices in our country.

    I hope other schools will also take a lead from this and arrange such knowledge increasing and awareness programs for the students. In fact, students also like such changes in their schedule and take a lot of interest in such activities.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    This is nice information shared by the author. It's great to see the students doing such a nice thing in school. This is something through which kids will learn. These things should be initiated in other schools also so that more and more kids may be able to learn to work as a team. This is not that only the kids are benefitted even the visitors and teachers also will learn through such activities.

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    This is a really good initiative by the school. Students will learn what they are doing in school. Such fetivela should be encouraged and students should be asked to attend such functions which are good for the development of a child.
    I like such festivals for upbringing of students. Such festivals should take take place in every school of the country with active participation of parents.

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    It is a very nice concept. I wish that every school in every state carry out such festivals of learning at least once or twice in a year. The name itself is so suitable as it is a process of learning and becoming familiar with numerous entities such as vegetations, herbs, old articles which were familiar to the earlier generations but have lost their identities in today's era. These functions enable the young generations to become aware of such simple but magical things.

    Reading about those things in books is entirely different than experiencing them in front of the eyes. A practical method of teaching will result in better learning and will remain in memory for a longer duration. The functions take the practical approach towards learning.

    Thanks to the author who through his post is inspiring others to carry out such functions and activities for younger generations. These kinds of festivals can also be conducted in local residential colony's.

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    It's a good initiative on the part of the government schools in Kerala. It will help the children to learn a lot about the plants and other necessary items around us. Ayurveda is all about plants, and herbs but nowadays, people are more inclined towards allopathic medicines. Naturally, children do not learn about the various uses of plants. Such an initiative makes the children aware of all the benefits of the plants, and they come to know more about things such as measuring cups, instruments and others which are gradually becoming obsolete.

    It is always good to gain practical experience of anything, so when children in Kerala is getting knowledge out of such a good curriculum then, it is worth appreciating.


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    In English medium classes, they teach the poem, "Ba ba black sheep, have you any
    wool ...". In fact, the students in Kerala do not get a chance to see a sheep. But if they are taught "kaake, kaake kootevite..." (crow, crow where is your home..), the local student will clearly understand. Crow is common bird here in Kerala, whereas black sheep is a rare specimen.
    This concept, teaching with the help of examples seen around the locality, is being taught through the ' learning festivals' explained in my thread.


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    Author has mentioned a peculiar way of changing the poem and introducing those elements in it which could be seen around. It is an effective means of learning. Though a little change needs to be done in original poems and stories, it is not going to harm anything. Rather, kids will be able to understand well. Festival of learning is a great initiative taken by the Government aided as well as private schools in Kerala. Hope such festivals are introduced in schools all around the country.

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