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    When Bengal means business as usual

    With much fanfare, the Bengal Global Business Summit will be organized on 7th-8th February 2019 at Kolkata. We will be able to listen to many initiatives and will see many rosy pictures through different statistics. Many industrialists will deliver their speeches and the CM of West Bengal will give all of them a good company. After all these, everything will remain the same. While travelling in the city, I have seen the billboards with a smiling face of the CM Mamata Banerjee at many places. It is boldly mentioned there #BENGALMEANSBUSINESS. I am amazed this time.

    The same CM was sitting in a dharna along with the police commissioner and other police officials from 3rd-5th February 2019 at central Kolkata. Her way of speaking at those sit-in demonstrations is known to all. Yet, she will be hosting the notable industrialists. The image she has created for herself and the state is truly pitiable. We are living in one country consisting of many states. Everybody expects a cordial relationship between the state and centre despite political differences. If she always behaves in this fashion with every central government, who is going to cooperate with her in the near future? Even office colleagues do not cooperate with another quarrelsome colleague. Will she ever change her attitude? I wonder!
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    I think that it is the irony of the political system in our country that we are witnessing such scenario.

    The region or state has to be in the same frequency in which the central Govt is envisaging the progress and development. Otherwise sate as well as country will suffer. This has happened in the past and will repeat here also.

    Public should understand this simple thing and give such elements a lesson in the elections.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Bengal Global Bussiness in Kolkata is a great initiative for business fraternity and all such initiatives are a power booster for revitalizing the businesses.
    But at the same time relationship between the state and people are essential for better social and economic development of the state.
    And the CM is mostly responsible for developing the cordial and prosperous state with the coordination of all department and general masses. Any wrong step by CM directly affects the state and therefore, hampers the progress and prosperity.
    Bengal CM should take the opportunity of this Bussiness summit to expand the cordial relation with all the stakeholders for the welfare of the state.
    Instead of sitting on dharna's CM Mumta should explore the option of working progressively with the people and center, any pitiable step only demeans the status of a person.

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    State versus centre is the old game play of some state level shrewd politicians and some of them were immensely benefited by that policy also and presently some of them are following the same methodology.

    Interestingly, the public is also with them and they rule the state easily for a long time as in earlier times kings ruled their countries.

    This is a pathetic state of the affairs if we analyse it from national perspective. These state leaders very well know that with that type of mindset they have little chance to come in the forefront of national politics. Knowing that they try all methods to keep their highest achieved throne intact.

    So the contradiction of state versus nation is a totally political matter being exploited by some of the clever politicians and gullible people are not able to see the fire below the ashes.

    Knowledge is power.

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    As far as I know West Bengal is not a good place for industry and entrepreneurs will not feel happy with the way things move there.
    The Bengal government especially the Chief Minister of the State are more interested in their own business and progress rather than the States development. The CM wants to become PM. For her some people like AP CM are the supporters. This support is not because of the capability of her but due to the negative thoughts they have about BJP and the present PM.
    A state or a country will progress only when these two governments will work together towards a common goal. Otherwise there will be negative affects.
    Modi as a CM of Gujarat made Gujarat progress and then he started taking interest in National Politics. But the other leaders like Bengal CM are having their own personal agenda.
    As such these summits are only for name sake and they are not going to do any benefit to the State or the country.

    always confident

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