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    Why childhood memories are always sweet?

    When we look back and remember our childhood, we feel nostalgic and talk about those sweet days. Whenever the childhood friends meet they are so sentimental about the memories of those days and talk about it for hours and hours and share their memories with each other.

    Barring a few exceptional cases, the childhood life of people is more and less same and dotted with the same usual routine of life in our society.

    What is that which makes the childhood memories so sweet and nostalgic that people remain attached to it throughout their life and talk about it whenever they get an opportunity.

    Please share your thoughts on this and give your opinion.
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    Simplicity and innocence which is non-corrupted will always be remembered. It does not matter how adverse the conditions are but everyone wants to return to that phase of life where everything seems so easy and simple. Childhood is that phase where everything is so fresh and easy. Thus, all the memories which are linked with our childhood are sweetly memorable. No matter how much time pass by us, we do not let go those memories. Every single incident and every tiny thing we keep cherishing about that golden era.

    I also feel that we remember childhood days as the things that we used to carry out in that phase of our life, we are not able to carry out today. We miss doing them and thus maybe we want to return to that period again. We used to just do the things and not think twice before carrying out them. That is because we used to think from our hearts and not brains. Anything that comes from heart become memorable for a lifetime.

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    Childhood days especially before high schools studies are the best days. We don't have any responsibilities and all the people will like them. So one can enjoy the days very nicely. Many elders will pamper the children and the children will feel as very great.
    When we grow up some of our elders will be telling us the innocent deeds we performed. We will get thrilled. Those memories will take us to those days. We will never get those days back. We will get no responsibility days in our old age. But we will be an unwanted stuff those days.

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    Generally, people will remember their past life events as a good and nostalgic memory. Whatever happened is happened and it was all for our good.

    It is human nature to enjoy from the past events and feel happy about them. We usually discard the bad events and bad things happened in our life and only remember the good part. That is a good thing that we feel happy about our past rather than be sad about it.

    Same is true of our childhood also. We remember the good and sweet parts and enjoy it later as the nostalgic memories.

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    Childhood is the most important phase of life. It is that phase when as a child we enjoy the freedom of everything. We are free from all responsibilities and as a child, we are the boss. Once we are obstinate to do any particular thing nobody can turn that down. Freedom and away from social constraints are the best things that a child enjoys.
    Everyone goes through a childhood phase and we capture the sweet memories for whole life. The innocence of a child, the honesty and not deceiving anyone and away from chains of materialism that grows deep in the later stage of life, are wonderful things that person can't forget.
    The child is a tulip of heaven, anything they do become sweet memories for life.

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