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    Do you ever wonder about things you could have done differently?

    We all have moved ahead and keep on learning as learning and living is what we can do best to our abilities. Sometimes, we do dwell upon some things we did as the time allowed, but now wonder that we could have done this as well that time. This is not about being gloomy or sad over the thought what could be done to make things better, but to sometimes implement the learning we have acquired now.
    With this learning, we can actually assess what could have been the best approach?
    For me, I always think that I have evolved much emotionally and now I know, I could have been more emotionally stable.
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    Yes. I shouldn't have married.
    Without marriage, life would have been better.
    With marriage, life has become bitter.
    Though marriage is necessary for our life,
    It is a God gift to get a suitable wife.
    I could have said
    Yes. I should have married
    Without a wife, life would be horrible
    With a wife, life would be pleasant.

    No life without Sun

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    There come certain occasions when we feel we could have done things differently. Sometimes a person thinks what he did in the past was a perfect but later comes to know that efforts were only a process towards perfection and could have been done differently and more efficiently.
    We are in the process of learning and with every activity we do, there are always chances of doing it differently and more efficiently.
    The more we do the more we learn!

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    I have always thought about the ways I moved in my professional life because I am not convinced & satisfied to even a little bit with the reason being that those didn't work with the circumstances I faced. Few of the aspects are now clearer to me wherein we need to get changed instantly as per the situation rather the keep attached to your ideals. For example, being too much honest & believing instantly are two irrelevant entities which we should not continue for long or end it as soon as possible, at least not in the professional relationships because others have different opinions about you wherein the other might be using you for their own cause and purposes. Getting emotional too can also prove you weaker than others. If I conclude than use the information of the books for reference purpose only because the practical things that you learn is more relevant.

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    At times, we all think in that way. Actually, often that's the way through which we learn. For example, you have to go to a meeting and used public transport for that. You already had an idea about that place and took the usual route by availing two to three modes of transport. But after reaching there, you found there is a direct transport available from your locality which you could have easily availed rather than undertaking the break journey. While returning, I am sure you will avail the new route that you have discovered.

    In many situations of our lives, we think in that way. A student who was very casual in his studies may repent later on that if he studied seriously he could have been in a better position. One may regret certain actions when there is no chance to go back.

    Actually what has already happened is not reversible in any way and therefore being gloomy or repenting for your actions will increase the worry. It's always important to learn from every situation and progress by efficiently using the experience we gathered.


    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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    I do think about the past. I do wonder about the things that I could have done differently. Our future is in our hands. It is up to us to decide and the choice is always ours. Thoughts linger my mind but then I console myself that there is no point in regretting over things that are already done. It is past and thus cannot be repaired. Whatever we are dealing with in the present is because of the choices we made in our past. Thus, we cannot blame it on anybody but ourselves. Now, if we start blaming ourselves, we will worsen things.

    I try to concentrate as much on my present as possible instead of worrying about the future and dwelling in the past. Of course, we have committed mistakes and we will continue to do so but it is better to learn from them and continue the journey at a smooth pace.

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    What you say is true but who can stop regret from eating you away. I completely messed up many relations I had. I show indifference a lot. Not consciously. I just am like that I guess. I will try to change that in future. I an trying to move on but there is always a constant regret. I always regret I should have tried harder. I still keep finding ways to mend what is broken. I hate committing mistakes. I try as much as I can to learn from the mistakes others commit. Yet I ended up messing my relation with the closest people in my life. Let' s see what future holds for me.
    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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    Yes this is the truth but past cannot be reversed back, therefore, there is no need to panic by thinking of it but we must learn from our mistakes we did in the past. If i go in the past I would say that i should have studied hard and should have prepared for PMTs and should have been a doctor as for when I get a feeling that they do a nice job and save many lives. Not only they are social but are respected by the people for their profession. I would have definitely helped people who dont have money for their medical treatment as that would have given me the immense pleasure.

    " It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not" ... Andre Gide

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    I have many things and happenings in life to regret. I do regret my actions, but there is no chance to compensate with it. It has made me very strong minded. Now, I can instantly come to a point which I have to do and which I should not do.

    It's not only about my wisdom, but I can guide others quite well because of my hard way of learning. It is not possible to rectify all the wrongs done in life, but there is always a chance to stop others from repeating the same kind of mistake.

    Thus, it is judicious to make others understand the correct way of life which somehow gives some satisfaction.


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