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    Why Kamal Hassan looks promising?

    Kamal Hassan is a superb actor, who hails from a small town in a backward district. Though he was born a Tamil Brahmin, he is an atheist and has openly declared that he is one.

    He now has started a political party. When everyone was thinking that he would align with either of the two major political parties, that is , DMK or the AIADMK, he has said that he would go it alone and not align with either of these parties. He is correct in calling them corrupt parties.

    However, Kamal seems to be on the right path. Actually, at the moment the DMK seems to be very strong. It's leader Stalin, the son of the former iron man of the DMK, the late M. Karunanidhi, is shaping up quite well. Not many understand that Stalin, as Mayor did superb work. His close friend, Mr. M.Subramaniam, who was also mayor during the DMK regime built superb bridges in Chennai and today, the traffic in Chennai is far more smoother than other cities only because of solid work done by the DMK. Apart from that, the Oragadam and Sriperambadur belts were developed only by the DMK, offering direct employment to rural youth in numerous villages. The hundreds of buses that ply to different organizations in Sriperambadur, is testimony to this fact.

    On the contrary, the AIADMK, was and is the most corrupted party in India. Each minister is at least worth one thousand crores. Given this scenario, even if the DMK is very strong now, Kamal Hassan is a very positive new development. He never accepts anything in black money. He might act in just one or two movies.

    He is a real politician to watch. DMK is less corrupt than AIADMK. This is the simple truth. One only wishes that Kamal Hassan builds a good party for the long term.
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    As of now, in TN, DMK is supreme. AIADMK has broken and will become dead without JJ. Kamalahasan is new and may not win the race. Rajnikanth may form his own party that will divide the votes. Vijaykanth's party has lost its base. Sarathkumar and his party is unseen.

    To beat DMK and win the election in Tamilnadu, all the lead cine actors like Kamal, Rajnikant, Vijaykanth, Sarathkumar & Vijay must merge and form one single party. If it doesn't happen, DMK will come to power with Stalin as CM.

    @Kamalhasan is immature in politics. He needs to learn a lot. He doesn't have a mentor in politics. It will take time for him to be an able leader. Politics is not cinema.

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    We all know how convincing an actor Kamal Haasan has been. We accept the same from him in politics too. His intention is neither to ally with AIADMK nor DMK. He wishes to displace them completely. In fact, he has clearly mentioned that he is entering politics to get rid of both the leading parties and thus do not want to join hands with either of them. He is coming with a new approach and thus we all are looking forward to the kind of revolution he is going to bring in politics.

    He is so confident that his newly formed party is not going to wait for assembly polls that would be conducted in 2021. His party is looking forward to Lok Sabha elections. He is coming up with a new approach and looking quite confident. Hope he lives up to the expectations of everyone. However, time only can tell how efficient politician he will prove to be.

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    Kamal Hassan looks promising in his efforts to set the system right. His intentions can be sincere and honest but it is easy said than done. Politics is not a game of cinema where he can direct everything as he likes. He will need some time to learn the art of politics without which he can't succeed.

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    Kamal Hassan is a very good actor and shown his potential in acting. He is unique in some of his acting skills. He is a person who is having a very clear idea about his ways and means of life.
    He is now entering into politics. He is having a very clear vision about the role he has to play and wants to play. He don't want to support any one of the two leading parties in the State. I don't know how far he can be able to convert his fans into his party well wishers and how many of them will vote for him.
    Chiranjeevi is having a big fan following. But he failed badly in converting them as his party well wishers and couldn't win in the elections. I hope the case Kamal will be different.

    always confident

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    Before entering into Parliament or state assembly elections, Kamalahasan should try and test his ability by participating in by-polls to show/prove his strength. Trying to get into parliament is a greedy act.
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    In the beginning, from the comments and activities, every new entrant looks promising. Especially this is very much applicable for an actor like Kamal Haasan's stature. It's very natural to go it alone when your ultimate goal is to dislodge both the DMK and AIADMK from power. But we need to wait for some time. This is just the beginning.

    Do you remember Arvind Kejriwal from AAP? How he stole the show in the beginning and rode to rule Delhi? I am sure most of the common men who supported all his actions, in the beginning, are now find him an anarchist. He promised not to ally with any political parties, but now looking desperately at others to form allies. Actually, this is all that politics is. Afterall you cannot walk alone. When all the other parties are mostly corrupt it's difficult to make a deal with them without resorting to corrupt practices.

    But we all hope for a good and corruption-free government. Let Mr Kamal Haasan take the initiative and bring in the necessary changes in politics.


    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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    I have seen Kamal's debate with Smriti Irani on TV. It was pathetic. Kamal was not a match to that good smart lady Smriti. He almost lost and surrendered to that lady. He was not prepared to take on Smriti. A politician should be well prepared for a debate which crores of people watch.

    Kamal cannot fight alone. All cannot be MGR or JJ. They were charismatic figures rolled in politics. MGR was with DMK for many decades, and for JJ MGR was her mentor .Kamal will meet the fate of VijayKanth, Sarathkumar and Chiranjeevi. Even Rajnikanth will meet the same fate if he forms a party.

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    Yes Sir. Rajnikant is worse than KamalHassan. He has earned some Rs.70,000 crores. But does not give anything to the poor. Before every movie of his is released he will act like a saint and make some political noises. He is yet to even announce the name of his party. He does not know anything and talks like a moron. In contrast, Kamal Hassan is smarter. He was not possibly ready for the show you have mentioned. Nevertheless, he is a far better human being and is now with the masses listening to them like a seasoned politician.

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    One thing which Kamal hassan did correctly is not to join an existing party and start one of his own.

    So he will not be under pressure of the existing leaders and can direct his own party with the new ideology.

    If he works honestly he may learn the ways of politics soon and can start a campaign to replace the present regime with his new and honest one. It looks a difficult task but not impossible.

    Knowledge is power.

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