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    Judgement for peace and harmony is the need

    The judgement for Sabari issue is reserved after reviewing the petitions filed against the supreme court's past verdict.

    The judges should consider peace and harmony in our country and give their verdict accordingly. If the judgement goes against the religious sentiments and belief, there will be halla hulla from the crores of Ayyappa devotees in our country. If the judgement is in favour of Lord Sri Ayyappa, there would be peace and harmony in the state. There will be only a few countable people or no one to question the verdict.

    What are your views?
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    In our country there is a dual system. The sentiments of people pertaining to some communities will be given more importance and nobody will dare to go against their sentiments. But the attitude of the same people will be different when it comes to some other religion. No one will care for the sentiments of those people. As long as the vote politics remain the system will be like this only. Unfortunately there is no unity in the people of the same religion in case of some religions but in other cases people of one religion will be united. So no body wants to go against the sentiments of those people.
    I don't know what will be the outcome of this case from Supreme Court. I hope the peace and harmony in the public will be maintained irrespective of the judgement.whether we like it or not we have to abide the court's verdict. I hope good sense will prevail in the people and respect the verdict.

    always confident

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    Mr. Rao
    A verdict should always be in favour of the majority. In Sabari issue, It is one or two who have gone to the court after a century, to stop a century-old practice. Whereas, there are crores to follow the century-old practice. Hence it is advisable for the judges to pass the verdict in favour of the majority.

    @Judges should not be a cause for the disturbance in religious matters.

    No life without Sun

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    Mr Sun, I am unable to understand your reply @ # 658313. What do you mean to say by "A verdict should always be in favour of the majority". Are the verdicts given following this way or adhering to the constitution? It is not something that you feel or the majority feel, the apex court will consider many things before announcing the verdict.

    It is really surprising that we are living in a country where there are lots of devotees of different beliefs but unfortunately too few devotees to the basic human values. There are corruption and injustice everywhere. People are so jealous that they do not want to maintain family relations. Yet, the number of devotees is increasing everywhere. Rather than being a devotee isn't it better to devote some more time to nurture the basic human values?


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    Peace and harmony should be the priority no doubt but we cannot always think of peace and harmony and let the wrong things going on. Supreme Court for sure had considered everything before they gave the judgement. We should respect our law and should not challenge the verdict. This case is sensitive but let the government do their work why should we oppose them.

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    As Mr Rao said in his response, we play a dual role in our country. There are religions which can not be touched. There are communities that cannot be touched. None dares to go against their sentiments. In fact, religious faith should not be questioned to live in peace and harmony. If we foresee opposition and disturbance due to a verdict against religious faith, the verdict should not be passed, but the status quo to be maintained.
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    Whenever some change is brought in the society through enforcement from Govt levels or Court of the law, there is always hue and cry. In some religions it is more while in some others it is not so prominent.

    Some people feel it as an attack on their religion and go into protection and safeguarding mode.

    History is full of such instances where any such change was opposed by a large number of the people and the king or the governing body had to withdraw the strictures. This has happened in past and can repeat again.

    But this does not stop the society to change. With time and modernisation many old customs, things and rituals have drastically given way to the new ones and more will follow in the future.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Court will give a verdict based on the merit of the case, past decisions in similar cases, constitutional provisions and other such considerations.

    Normally the court verdict is binding on us but if people at large are not happy and agitate against it then it becomes a big problem for the administration and the ruling party.

    These are controversial issues and whatever court may direct, controversy will remain.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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