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    How to make a big money with a small money

    Government is giving a peanut to a big elephant. What I mean is - Government is providing only a small sum of Rs.500/- per month to a small farmer owning less farm area. This small amount is quite insufficient for anyone. It gives only a sum of Rs.17/- a day. It is really a small peanut to the farmers. It won't help the farmer any way.

    Here is an idea - How to make the small 500/- to double up or triple up or more.

    Say, in a village, there are 200 farmers eligible for the grant. They receive Rs. 6000/- each, in a year. If all the farmers cooperate and join together and plan the following strategy.

    They get Rs.6000/- x 200 = 12,00,000(Twelve lakhs). With this 12L, the village farmers can set up a small scale industry to make big money. Else they can wait for two years to have Rs. 24 Lacs to have a large industry to make more money.

    Very simple is the Transport business that will have no much strain but fetch good income that can be shared by the village farmers.

    Am I right? Where there is a will, there is always a way.

    Your good comments, please.
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    We can't make big money by Rs 17. This is an insult to the farmers. We can't make a hefty amount with this meager sum. Why are the farmers always not getting serious attention from authorities?
    Every year farmers are committing suicide, the problem is serious in the country only proper planning and credible measures from the Govt can rescue them from the clutches of poverty.
    Collection of money together will aggravate the already serious issue. In this materialistic world, nobody wants to share the bread!

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    Mr. Umar,
    Just read fully and understand my suggestion to make small money into big money. I said that where there is a will, there is always a way. The farmers' cooperation and coordination can help to make the small money into big money. I would like to read the other members comments.

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    When it is already understood that Rs 6000/- a year is a paltry amount and will not serve any purpose then do you think the farmers will save this money rather using it? If Rs 500/- per month is a surplus amount then there is a question of making it big by the way of cooperatives you suggested.

    When the poor farmers' income throughout the year is insufficient, this meagre amount may be able to help them to sustain. They won't be able to plan to save this amount rather they will spend it for their daily needs.


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    First struggle hard to enjoy life in the future - is the motive. So far, to date, if the farmers were suffering, let them ignore this small money, live their lives as before, and help to make good money for the future with cooperation and coordination with the small peanut money they get from the government.

    I am sure, they will prosper and flourish.

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    It's not possible because with 12 lacs they cannot start a business which may feed 200 people. This is a very small amount which the government has fixes for the farmers. Instead of this, they may have fixed a job for a member of the family so that they may survive even if they dont have the good crop in a year. Also, there may be other options too which the government should think about them.

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    Sanjeev Gupta,
    In the first year, If Rs. 12 lac investment could fetch one lac profit per month, the farmer gets Rs. 500 as share, In the second year, they again invest another 12 lac and get Rs. 500+500 =1000 as share. Thus the amount doubles and triples in subsequent years. It becomes a permanent investment, and in the long run, they would get a good sum as share.

    Please look at this with some patience.

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    Is there any business which starts from 12 lacs and can give you a profit of one lac per month. Kindly tell me I will start it for sure from tomorrow.

    " It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not" ... Andre Gide

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    Let us not make an important issue into a silly joke.

    Farmers have real problems. Giving a small sum is not a real solution to their problems. But whatever be the sum now thought of is only small support to those who suffer. Definitely, it is not full compensation. Something is better than nothing. I can also understand that there is the hidden agenda of elections too. But still, it can be of some help to the real needy. If we take any instance of a facility or aid, it starts as a small beginning only. Then by and by the same is enhanced. Probably if needed this support also may be raised later if found required and useful.

    Farmers are experts and experienced in farming. It is their life and spirit. They love and devote to farming such that they may be ready to wait for a good crop year or season, rather than abandon farming or turning to another occupation. Even if some had temporarily stopped farming for reasons of loss and liquidity and have taken up some jobs elsewhere for sustenance, they will return to farming once they feel that conditions are favorable. Farmers know very well about co-operation and co-operative ventures.

    The government should allow a moratorium on their loans for some time by paying the interest to banks from the exchequer. Real agriculturists should be given incentives like lower or nil interest, realistic support price, controlling input price, crop insurance, better irrigation facilities, transport and marketing facilities etc. Only by these can agriculture be improved as a profitable or no loss venture. Ultimately it is agriculture or farming that feeds us all. So we should also be realistic and serious in these matters.

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    Sanjay Gupta,
    No doubt, if we venture into the transport business with good management, we are sure to earn a lac per month.

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    No doubt it is a small amount and may not be useful for the individual farmer. Collectively it can be utilised as the author has suggested to form a cooperative where many things can be addressed which can be of immense help to them.

    For example they can form a strategy to club their products and start direct delivery to the retailers. The money collected can definitely be utilised for these new innovative ways of thinking. So there are some ways that this money can help them.

    As other members have also indicated this is only a beginning and there are much scope in this scheme and the amount may get increased significantly with time. I remember, my father who retired from a Govt job in the year 1981 had his pension only Rs 350 per month. At the time of his death, in the year 2017, he was getting a pension of Rs 26000 per month. So definitely there is a silver lining in the clouds.

    One thing which is also important is that this type of endeavours require unity of the purpose and a good leadership at the village level itself.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Individually it is a small amount but collectively it can be used for welfare or some other common help to the farmers.

    As it is a small amount farmers may not be happy with it but it is only a beginning and I feel we have better times ahead. Farmers should utilize this money only for farming purposes and should not distract to other activities which will only waste their time.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    All the small land-owning farmers are not poor. These days, no farmer is poor. There are good government schemes where they get employed. In a village, all women are earning an average of Rs. 150 per day. As I said Rs.500/- is just a peanut for them. This can never increase the way our salary/ increase. The pay commission won't look at this aspect.

    I am sure, cooperation and coordination will help the farmers to earn a good sum through the sum provided by the government.

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    With a 12/24 lakh investment, the farmers can buy a luxury bus on loan. It can ply on a route stretching to 600 km. If it is a 40 seater bus and the charge levied is Rs, 700 per seat, it would fetch Rs. 28000/- a day. At an average, the bus would consume 120 litres diesel costing Rs. 8400/-. The driver and the assistant payment would be Rs. 2000/-. Apart from all the miscellaneous expenditures like toll fee etc, a minimum of Rs. 10000/- can be saved in a day. In a month, the amount saved would be Rs. 3,00,000(3L) Among the farmers, there would be good drivers too. The transport will be managed by the farmer group only.

    From the 3L, one L can be paid for the loan EMI. The rest 2 L can be shared by the farmer group.

    What do you say?

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