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    Do you believe the word ‘liberty’ is wrongly used by the teenagers?

    It is an age-old practice that the teenagers never get along happily with the seniors. They always want to experiment and challenge themselves to prove their worth. In doing so, usually occurs a clash between the upper generation and the teens. Both the generation stick to their own point of view and a lack of open discussion creates a wide gap between the two.
    The situation mentioned above prevails in every family worldwide. The teens and the older generation take their own course of action and gradually with time everything gets adjusted, and life goes on. Still, I would like to make a point that the teenagers always talk about liberty in such a manner which sounds so far-fetched.
    Every single person loves to have some freedom, but that freedom should not be at the cost of any and everything. Nowadays, it is a disturbing trend that teenagers always protest in the context of liberty. They use their mobile on the road with an earphone. If you ask them not to do so, then they will immediately protest. They consider it to be curtailing their freedom. The teens fail to understand that an accident may occur if one is not attentive, on a road. All of a sudden, the teenagers start thinking that they know everything. They have one or the other plan with their friends every day, objecting to them means a confrontation between the youths and the parents. Usually, they are never on time for anything, but if pointed out or scolded then they have all the frivolous excuses ready to defend themselves.
    There is a continuous rift between the two generations until a certain age. The teenagers are very vocal about the amount of liberty is asking for too much. The teens cannot have every freedom or else they will ruin their lives. What is the opinion of all the members on the aspect? We all were teenagers at one point of time, and now we are the seniors, so how do you assess the issue of liberty about which the teens are so adamant and contradicting?
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    Undue liberty spoils everyone whether he is a child, student, adult, worker, executive or senior person in our society. Liberty does not mean that a dependent person will start his own decisions.

    If a child starts taking his own decisions then he should be asked to go out and earn his own money to sustain his or her decisions. One can not be given liberty for selected activities.

    Unfortunately in our society we have pampered our children in the name of parental love and care and that is now boomeranging on us. Once habitual of the facilities they are not satisfied with anything less than that benchmark and start fighting and illustrate foolish comparisons with their friends or children in other families.

    I think this requires a thinking by the parents that they have to be strict and should not allow the child more than what he deserves at this tender age. Once he is spoiled and habits are formed it is very difficult to change him back to normal. Love and affection is all right but pampering them is unwarranted.

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    Liberty to do a certain thing is fine but undue liberty absolutely is not good for anyone, be it a child, student, employees. There should be restrictions in place to progress in their respective fields. We should always check the activities of children who always brag undue freedom.
    Yes, liberty to some extent is good but excessive freedom mars the personality of children. Out of love and affection, parents do provide some level of freedom but should always keep a watch on the activities of the children without hampering their progress.

    Unjustified freedom to children is not good.

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    Children are very demanding now a days. They will ask anything without thinking how costly it is or how difficult it is to manage the even livelihood for a few of the people.

    Children are to be somehow taught the value of money otherwise they will face problems in their life later.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Yes, teenagers use the word 'liberty' in a very wrong manner. As far as they are not misusing liberty and enjoying life in every bit of a second, it is okay. Moreover, teenage is the period where everything looks so attractive and vibrant. Trouble gets invited when they misbehave, use liberty in the wrong way and justify their every wrong deed with lame excuses.

    It is essential to get into the shoes of teenagers to understand them. Today's young generation do not listen to the orders that are given. They can change only if they agree to listen to the elders. Seniors must help them understand that things they are asking them to do are for their own benefit. A person only follows orders or changes if he/she thinks that it is going to benefit them in some way or the other. Generation gap can be decreased if the communication gap is reduced.

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    Yes. But they are not to be blamed fully for that.

    The media around them blare out such things. Youth and teenagers being vulnerable and to a great extent innocent fall in that trap and feel that the well intentioned restrictions and regulations parents or society puts before them is misunderstood as ,chains, and servitude. So they are led by the vested interests outside to believe that by breaking and opposing the parental or societal restrictions and regulations is liberty. But it will be only much later-when there may not be much time to amend or correct- that the teenagers who would have become matured adults by then understand the real value of the restrictions, limits and regulations . Many of us also probably would have learned so though with varying degrees of defiance and within varied time range.

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    Actually, the so-called liberal, intelligent and educated young men and women from the metro cities of India never know what does it mean to live in an oppressive environment. They are born and brought up in a privileged society. They want more privilege at the expense of common, oppressed people of India.

    This excessive liberty not only harms the country but also harms these very young men who are demanding more liberty. So, these young men should be first taught what is 'liberty'. They must be told that raising anti-national slogans and freely taking drugs in the universities are not examples of liberty.

    Come on, have a fight. Don't shoot and scoot.

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    Liberty is often misunderstood, not only by the youngsters but also by the elders. We often need to be reminded of the famous saying 'Your liberty ends at the tip of my nose'. It means that we are at liberty to live our lives the way we want but it does not come without any restriction. You have the right to play music at night, but you don't have the liberty to disturb my sleep and so on can be cited as examples.

    Liberty must not be construed as the freedom to do anything the way one wants to. We are not barbarians and are guided by certain social principles. Talking about the youngsters these days (and maybe of the earlier days too), teenage is a period when one starts feeling that he is no longer a kid and has grown up. This feeling makes them feel oppressed when restrictions are placed on them. They are not mature enough to understand or accept that they are still at a level where they need to be guided by the parents, teachers or other elders.

    They can use their mobiles but they cannot use it whenever they like or in whatever way they want. They need to understand the point. Teens these days are more rebellious than the earlier generation and they tend to react very fast (thanks to the speed being promoted by technology) and so dealing with them has to managed in such a way that they do not feel that their rights are being infringed upon. We should not get into their way in all matters. We can exempt matters which are very personal like eating habits etc while placing restrictions on subjects like studies, making friends, use of mobile etc. This will help in balancing the situation.

    But, all said and done, it is quite true that youngsters these days consider even asking about what has been taught in the school that day as an intrusion into their privacy and an invasion of their liberty and this is not at all good for them.

    'Real knowledge is to know the extent of one's ignorance' - Confucious.

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    First of all, asking someone not to break a rule is not restricting someone's freedom by the one who asked him. Yes, there is a generation gap the way teenagers think is somewhat different than elderly people. It happens teenagers are adamant and don't listen to the advice of the elderly people because they think that this advice is not worth for them which is wrong as being experienced people in life their advice cannot be ignored. Teenagers should be taught with the examples that if they break this rule then this will happen as it happened with any person (e.g). Maybe that way they will take the advice in the positive attitude.

    " It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not" ... Andre Gide

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    Every person in this country is having authorities as well as responsibilities. But everyone will talk about authorities only but not the responsibilities. In our country, this has become a major problem. Everyone wants rights but not their responsibilities. This is causing a lot of problems.

    A person who smokes in the public should understand that he is spoiling the atmosphere and he is making fellow people sick. But he never bothers. Even though there is a rule regarding this no one will follow that rule. But they talk about freedom. This I have observed more in teenagers. But there are some grown-up people also who never care for the others.
    A housewife will clean her house and dump the garbage on the road. She knows that her actions may cause untidiness on the road, But she never cares for the same.

    This is how things are happening in India. Coming to the smartphone issues why to single our teenagers. Even grown-up people also walk on the road while seeing their mobile phones only.

    always confident

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