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    Which country is the best in the world in respect of providing health services?

    We often come across news in the media that celebrities and political bigwigs from India rush to USA for medical treatment.

    Why it is so? Is best healthcare system available in USA only?

    But as far global ranking of countries in terms of healthcare services is concerned, USA comes far below European countries like France, Italy, Spain, Norway etc. and even Asian countries like Singapore and Japan etc.

    Which country is the best in the world in respect of providing health services?
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    An excellent thread. It is true that many countries easily surpass the USA in healthcare facilities. As far as middle-income group countries are concerned, Cuba provides the most modern and cost-effective healthcare system for its citizens. But, most probably, there is no provision to provide treatment at a lower cost to the foreigners in Cuba.
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    Welcome back Kailash Kumar. I think India is the best for Indians health care. What is not there in India? We have, Siddha, Ayurveda, Unani etc. Only the rich and extra rich prefer to go outside the country for health care.

    However, the country which provides free health services to its public is the best country, I feel.

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    Celebrities will prefer going outside the country even though the facilities are available in our own country. They may be going to USA may be due to the availability of the VISA which they might have taken for another purpose. They are not going there to have medical treatments in the world best place. They may be going there as the facilities are good reasonably and some known people might have been settled there and it will be easy for them to manager there as the Indian population in USA is more.
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    It is true people fly to the USA for better treatment but we can't ignore the world-class facilities in other countries.
    Even in India, we have better health care facilities but should be cost-effective.
    Not everyone can go to other countries for treatment. So Indian can do some work in providing better health care facilities for patients. We can't rely on other countries.

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