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    The bigger part of a picture which we have never thought of.

    If we take notes then we are busy with so many things during our routine activities which we may have referred to as good or bad as per our perceptions & experiences but have we ever have thought of or concerned of with the aftermath impacts of those in a bigger picture? By referring to the bigger picture I intend to refer our actions including that of donations or the money which we give to the others or being spent on some other actions or commodities. For an instance, if the money is donated to someone who is handicapped or a beggar then this will add big assistance to him & to his family too but in otherwise case wherein the money is being spent on the actions not assisted with the welfare part will have just the opposite reactions with much larger impacts. So next time when you get involved with any actions than pl. take a note on that.
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    In many cases, while helping a beggar people do not see whether he is really needy or a cheat. I am saying cheat because there are news circulated in many places and there were forum posts also related to beggars who chose this profession because they do not like to work and found begging the easiest way to earn money.

    While going money to the wrong hand is absolutely a wastage, it's not possible to carry out a background verification every time. When you got to know that a particular person has cheated you in a beggar's disguise, you will be cautious and can tell others about that person to make them aware. But if you are in a new locality or help a beggar inside any public transport you won't be able to judge things just by looking at them. Though we need to be cautious, every time applying one's mind in these types of affairs may not be feasible.


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    We should utilise our money in proper ways and should not just waste it. We should also not use it in unnecessary actions or indulgences. It is a good thought to donate, if we can afford, to the genuinely needy person.

    If we value our money and use it in constructive purposes the bigger picture will emerge out soon.

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    Giving a small part of our income to the needy as donation is a good thought and definitely if it goes to the genuine person we feel happy.

    There are many super rich in the world who donate large amounts for the welfare of people in the third world countries.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    It is the truth that a small amount of money if we donate to people who are needy, will support him and his family but these its rare to find out who's needy and who's not as these days there are lots of people who try to cheat others for money.

    There are lots of beggars one may find in the queue asking alms on the traffic signals or footpath. Do they really need help?. Once i donated my old clothes to a beggar who came to my house and didn't give money. What I found that those clothes were thrown in the garbage near my house. That was a surprise because from then I understood that many of the beggars dont want things you donate them they just want some cash from you.

    I usually dont donate if see a person physically fit and why should I do that. I prefer a child or a handicapped person because they require our assistance more than others. It's our moral duty to help them.


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    Charity, as mentioned by most of the members who have commented, comes right from the heart. We see a beggar or a person in need and without thinking much try to help them in some way or the other. We offer them some money in the smallest amounts. We hardly think whether they are really in need and will be using that small amount to feed their bellies or else are a part of a gang who collects money and use it for destructive purposes.

    I don't find a solution for how to judge whether the person we are giving money is genuine or no. Maybe we can help them in some other ways. Instead of offering some money, we can buy them food and donate clothes and give tuitions to their kids. When donating larger amounts to organizations, we need to have a follow up with them and ask them to provide the detailed bills of everything to know where they have spent our money.

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    Charity is a great thing to do and you can contribute as per your wish. But finding the deserving person for it is a difficult thing to do. So many people take advantage of poor people. They beg and present themselves as the deserving for charity.
    To use our money in a better way and give it to the deserving people, we need to open a charity collection center in every society where we can see who is the right person and the deserving for charity. And for the poor people this system, I feel is good enough to provide support to them in every society and help them with the best possible amount so they not only stop begging but can stand on their own and provide support to others. This way you will feel satisfied about your money being spent on the deserving people.
    In every society, we need such a system to help poor people and eradicate poverty from the country. And get rid of the confusion of who is the right candidate for charity.

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