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    What is the difference between sum and amount?

    I always use the word sum. Say, A sum of Rs. 1000/-. It can be said as - An amount of Rs. 1000/-
    My doubt is -What is the difference between Sum and Amount?
    Where and when should we use these words?

    Am confused. Make me clear.
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    "SUM" is the addition of two or more numbers or values or of the amount while the "AMOUNT" is the single number or can also refer with the single value only .

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    Sum is a figure obtained by addition of more than one figure. Amount is a single figure. May be Amount is singular and Sum is plural.
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    The SUM is the addition of any two or more than two numbers while AMOUNT is a particular given number or value.

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    Sum is mathematical word which use for add two value like 100+100 =200, and Amount is fund which is a single value like 200 rs.

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    Sum and Account have their different meanings as the members have already explained but in modern times these words are being used interchangeably in many situations.

    Sum has a plural as Sums and Amount has a plural as Amounts.

    In any language the initial intended purpose of the word gets a slow change with time and in a few decades it acquires other meanings also as more and more people start using it that way. In such cases, which are many there, the lexicographers have no other choice except accepting it in its new avatar.

    This is the way how many words acquire new meanings in times to come and people use them in that context. Due to these inclusions language always gets modified to that extent.

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    Amount and sum are synonyms. Sometimes, people use them interchangeably. The quantity which we obtain after adding or aggregating can be termed as a sum. It is more like a basic unit. The resultant figure obtained is the amount which is the total or aggregate obtained. Use sum if you need to add the entities. Use the amount to state the total that is obtained.

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    "Amount and sum are synonyms. "-----------------------I am afraid, no.

    'I have an amount of Rs. 50/- with me.'

    'The sum of 2 Kg. and 3 Kg. is 5 Kg.'

    Are sum and amount synonymous in the above two sentences?

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    Amount is generally addressed as quantity which indicates the content or value. For example - he has a good amount of patience. Another example is - an amount of Rs 200 was paid as fee.

    On the other hand sum is used for total outcome of an addition or result. For example - the sum of 200 and 500 is 700. Another example is - now let us sum up the discussions of the meeting.

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    I think the sum and 'total amount ' are synonyms. The sum is the addition of two or many numbers whereas the amount can be a single number also.

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    There is no such difference in both the terms when you are using it to mention money. Therefore the sum of Rs 1000/- or an amount of Rs 1000/- both can be used interchangeably.

    We use these two terms in many cases like he borrowed a large sum or a huge amount. The meaning is the same in both cases.


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    The dictionary says - Sum means 1. A particular amount of money. 2.The total amount resulting from the addition of two or more numbers or amounts.

    Hence, I feel that the Amount and Sum are synonyms. Can be used as preferred.
    I have a huge sum in my bag. He has a large amount in his bank account.

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