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    Why we don’t fix our profiles with exact pictures of ours?

    Since recent times I have been observing that the profile picture of the ISC members has changed with someone who got in close relation with them. Intentionally I am not intruding to their personal or professional lives or coming up with some suggestions but should this be ok with the ISC platform because our profile is believed to be of ours only with the impression that the details being modified or drafted are supposed to be reliable to its maximum possible but at the same time not finding fear of leaking with their private/personal information. For me, the profile details are the first impression of the members & in case of some misinformation their profile may seem doubtful to others.
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    Ved Prakash Anand,

    As per the profile photo guidelines photos of kids, parents or a family picture are permissible. In my own personal view, though, I would not recommend it. Everyone is aware that photos can be misused for, say, a commercial endorsement. Even worse, through easily available software, images can be morphed and fiddled with for indecent imagery and inappropriate reasons. Moreover, members who want to hide their identity due to strong views (say political or religious) should realize that even their family members' photos in lieu of their own can reveal who they are.

    Even more absurd is uploading a photo of a hippopotamus or a gorilla as a profile photo just to act defiant (the guideline states that photos of objects, animals, flowers, nature etc are allowed, however, not recommended), which merely shows a level of immaturity.

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    Initially, I had uploaded my own lovely young age photograph. Someone commented on it. I changed it to my present photograph. I was with the impression that male members should upload only their own photographs, and female members can upload their children's photo. Now I have come to know that male members too can upload their kids or family photograph. Hence I uploaded my son's young age photograph. There is no objection from ISC. It looks good.
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    There are set guidelines by isc and there is no problem uploading the profile picture of your own or any members of the family. It is a personnel choice who wants what.
    Vandana ma'am has nicely put farwrd her views on this topic. I agree with her.

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    Mr. umar: When there are set guidelines, then is there any scope of independent views of any Member? Any Member can upload a profile photo of himself/herself, family members, group photo which includes that particular Member or picture of gorilla/hippo/rhino/donkey/ rose, as per the Member's personal choice, isn't it?
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    I have not come across the image of either a hippopotamus or a gorilla uploaded as a profile photo. I am a wildlife enthusiast and look at hippos and gorillas as beautiful creatures. Gorillas are among the most intelligent primates. Koko, a female gorilla, had learned to communicate in sign language. Gorillas are social animals and display strong family bonds. I have seen wildlife documentaries of hippos taking on predators to save another animal's life.

    These animals are remarkable, in their own distinctive way.

    I do not see how uploading a shot of these two animals becomes an absurdity or how it is being perceived as an act of defiance or a scale to judge another's level of (im)maturity.

    Why demur, when the guidelines permit it? This appears to be a case of prejudices taking over judgement.

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    The reference to the animals' photos and which were removed had a valid context of which you are not aware of and has nothing whatsoever to do with prejudices. I would not like to bring it out in the open forum. Let's leave it at that, please.

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    I think as long as the profile picture is as per the guidelines of the ISC, there should not be any problem for the members. Personally I feel it is better to have our own photo as a profile picture.
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    Social media and other sites in internet were allowing any photo or icon or symbol as the profile photo of the member or the user and people had fun in changing it time to time. This was a practice for quite some time and still it is continuing there even in the reputed sites like wordpress, hubpages, blogger, google etc.

    It is true that when we work in the internet, however alert or intelligent we are, our data is always compromised by various hackers and viruses and more secure systems we are using more intelligent the hackers are becoming because many of them are equally qualified as we are, especially in IT area.

    So just by not giving your photograph here is not going to save you from problems. Giving the photograph of the kids or family members is even more risky as our photograph is given in so many places (including the banks) and might had been long back hacked by the miscreants and now we are giving them opportunity to hack the photographs of our near and dear.

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    In this world of Internet & networking with varied social platforms, there is nothing left which we can refer to as secrecy but still & if the member feels ok with the response from ME, we can go ahead with our choices.

    In addition, I just had a query & now it is clear & therefore let's not engage in it further.

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    Uploading profile picture of anyone is a person's choice. I have uploaded my picture with my family and I like to do that so that people may know me. I remember when I used to be on other site people used to remember me from my kid's picture. Yes an uploading picture of a person himself makes a better impression than uploading pictures of objects or animals.

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    "Yes an uploading picture of a person himself makes a better impression than uploading pictures of objects or animals."------- Isn't it a personal opinion? Why is it being thrust on others?

    In my opinion, there is nothing to discuss. If the profile picture is according to the guidelines, it would remain. If it is not, it would be deleted.

    Nobody's view about other's profile pictures is required.

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    I strongly object uploading of photos of animals, birds, sceneries, flowers and other non-living objects in our profile pages. Let us be human with human photographs.

    In fact, all should upload their own latest photograph. There is nothing to fear much about. Be truthful to yourself. If you fear, please don't upload any photo. Let it remain blank.

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    When there's a clear guideline about profile pictures, why there's a fuss about it? This is not a social networking site, so whether it's a member's own photo, a family picture or some other pictures as mentioned in the guidelines, there's no option to like or comment.

    Members may always have their views, but there is no point in raising an objection when there is already a clear guideline on the topic.


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