A new mall with a futuristic Vision

There is a superb Mall called Abhirabmi Mall in one particular area of Chennai city. The owner of this mall, who is also the owner of some prime cinema theatres has a superb Vision of the future.

The mall will soon be demolished. In its place will come up a huge 14 storied residential towers gated community, which will also house multiplexes and an underground parking facility. In each floor of each of the towers, there will be just one flat. This concept itself is totally new, possibly the first in Chennai city.

Next comes the big bonus. He has said that he would transport free of cost customers who would book the tickets for the movies online. He would also offer free lunch or dinner, in line with the movie timings. This is a very novel concept, expected to draw in the upper middle class and the rich of Chennai. It should be noted that this class is already monopolizing all the shopping malls and having a whale of a time. The ticket for the movie ticket is likely to be higher than the Rs.150 normally paid for superb viewing in the Pheonix mall of Chennai.

Yes, here too, he has a vision. The customer can relax and lie down and see the movie. This, when implemented, might as well be the first in India and will open up new definitions of luxury.

Chennai is already seeing a big metamorphosis of sorts. This concept is totally new. Let s wait for another 24 months.