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    When I held you, I knew you were of great value!

    Before the elimination, holding you in my hands was a moment of great pride. It broke my heart to give you away. I knew that you were of great value.

    But our dear PM thought that banning you, would curb the corruption, instead, he got a bigger note. We sent you off back to the government. Then came the greatest denomination of all. Though he(2000 Rs) was greater than you, I personally felt that it lacked all the quality and feel of great note. I thought with time I might get used to it. All I felt while holding the new note, was like having a lottery ticket in my wallet.

    How I miss those old 1000 and 500 Rs note!
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    Don't worry. Our PM must be doing something to bring back the Rs.1000 currency note back in a different form to make you feel great. Each currency note has its own colour to feel.
    Brownie Ten,
    Pinky Twenty,
    Bluish fifty,
    Violet Hundred,
    Yellowish Two Hundred,
    Greener Five Hundred,
    And Rosy Two thousand.
    What would be the colour of new thousand?
    Wait and see.

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    Absolutely it lacked all the quality and feel. And I personally faced a lot of problems mainly due to the denomination of 2000 Rs note. I am happy RBI has stopped the printing of more high denomination notes.
    Yes, 1000 Rs note is the alternate and I am expecting it soon. I also miss old 1000Rs and 500Rs note badly. I am not impressed either by new denomination notes. They feel while holding on my hand like duplicate currency.

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    Even the 10 and 50 Rs notes are not of better quality than the old one. It may be a cost cut on the printing of currency notes. Also, there is a need of 1000 Rs note, hope it gets released soon in the market.

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    No, I am not missing the old notes. In fact, I have almost forgotten the old Rs. 1000/- notes. I find the new notes (of all denominations) are very crispy.
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    I think that the 2000 note is only an interim measure and soon it will be removed from the system. It was brought in as a temporary measure after the 1000 and 500 was removed from the system. The 2000 note has very well met its purpose.

    As soon as the new 1000 is introduced, the 2000 will be nowhere.

    We were very much habitual of the old 1000 note and it was of very convenient denomination. Many of us are still missing it.

    The new notes of 10, 50, 100 and 200 are good quality and having conspicuous colours. I like their shape and colour. Hope the new 1000 note will also fall in line.

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    A good narration. The author's love for Rs 500 & Rs 1000 notes is well described in this thread and like everything the currency notes also evolved. It's a new shape and colour and there is no option to use the old ones even if you still have a few.

    The size of the new currency notes is smaller and if we look into the size of the coins then the change is more distinguishable. It may take some more time to get adjusted to the shapes and colours and after that things will be fine or we will be witnessing more changes.


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    I can imagine and feel the same how the author must have felt when she was giving away 500 and 1000 notes. Those were the days when most of us were in dilemma and most of us struggled to some extent or the other.

    Soon, 2000 note took over the market. I personally don't like it as it is difficult to use locally. Imagine you are shopping for less than 400 or 500 and giving the note to the vendor. Immediately he will give you back and ask to bring the change. 500 note is okay. As far as quality is concerned, yes they are crisper but relatively are of low quality.

    Moreover, what's with all the colors? When they were introduced in the market, the first thing that struck the vision was how colorful the newly introduced currencies are. I feel the paper of the currency should be of better quality. It does not matter how colorful or dull they are in appearance.

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    The old notes were in circulation for a quite long time and we had a type of affinity with them. Now new notes have come which were looking strange in the beginning but with time we will be in resonance with them and they will replace the old notes in our memory.
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    The expenditure on printing these notes are increasing. To control this expenditure these new notes were designed. If you see the very old one rupee or five rupee note they are much better. Even if you see a very old ten rupees coin you will get astonished. If they are to be maintained now the cost will be very high. Even a copper one paise coin of earlier days is of great value and we can't afford them these days. As we accustomed to using those old notes we are feeling like that. After a few months of usage, we will get accustomed to these notes. After a few days, we may see very rarely notes. All transactions will be online only.
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