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    A vote just for the sake of voting

    If you are 18 years old, you must enrol your name in the voter's list and after that, you must vote. It's very important for our democratic system to function and your single vote can always help to bring in the desired change.

    Well, this post is not to make you aware of the voting rights or the importance of voting rather introspect whether there is anything wrong in the whole system.

    In India, we say a person adult if she/he reaches 18 years of age. We say the person is mature biologically as well as socially if the age is 18. When it comes to marriage, the minimum age for the boy is 21 and for the girl, it is 18. This is quite confusing and needs serious thought. While a guy must be of 21 years of age to handle all the marital affairs, where taking the responsibility of the girl is the key, the same guy can still vote if he is 18 years. The question is, to decide about the affairs of a country one must have enough sense of responsibility and along with biological maturity, one must have the mental maturity. At 18 years, a girl or a guy is just out of school and entering the college. At this age, most of the youths are very emotional and their decisions are also at times based on emotions. They may know many things, they are even smarter than the previous generations. But are they mentally mature enough to decide what is justified for the progress of the country? After all, there is no use of exercising your voting rights just for the sake of voting.
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    Traditionally, the age of the bride in our country is 3-4 years less than the age of the bridegroom. The reason behind such practice is deep rooted in our culture and mythology. People are now a days changing that concept and marriages having different proportion in the age are also happening.

    The prescribed age of 18 for the girl and 21 for the boy is based on that premises only. It has, in fact, no connection with voting age.

    Marriage is the physical need for reproduction and survival of the human race. The society as per its experience has long back stipulated the age norms for that. At that time democratic set ups and voting processes were not there.

    For voting, the only sense required is of the governance. If the girls and boys, eligible to vote, feel that the governance given by one particular party is better than the other they may choose their voting rights to help win that party for the development and prosperity of the country.

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    Author has a point here. It is said over and over again that a single vote can make a difference. Thus, it is important to determine whether 18 is the right age for voting. Though one can justify with their statements that today's young generation are matured enough and responsible than ever but is the level of maturity enough to determine the future of the country.

    If a boy is not allowed to legally get married at the age of 18 then how can he vote and decide which government he needs to bring in. He has no right to start his own family but he can give a deciding vote to make changes in the state and central government.

    Moreover, there is no scientific reason and thus the age of marriage for both the sexes should be 18. It was in the year 1988 that the voting age was changed from 21 to 18. I do wonder whether the decision was right.

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    An interesting post by the author. The reason of voting age and marriage age - why they are different.

    Logically it will be better if it is rationalised and made same. If a girl is not mature enough at the age of 18 for the marriage then could she be wise enough to vote - these are the questions coming in the mind. Also if a boy is not ready for marriage at the age of 18 then is it ok for voting? If yes, then it is an anomaly in the regulations.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Good point raised by the author. I also had thought this but then answer I thought that maybe the boys get mature physically at the age of 21 years whereas the girls mature 2-3 years before the boys so the marriage age for boys is 21 years and for the girls is 18 years.

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    If that is the case even 21 years also is not OK for marriage. Generally, education will not be over by 21 years. From class 1 to engineering it will take about 16 years. Class 1 will start in the 5th year. So he will complete the graduation at that time. A graduate may have to do some additional degree to get a job. So if we have one year for that the boy will be completing 22 years by the time he starts earning. So immediately after starting also, they can't marry. So I say either a girl or a boy the age for marriage should be 25 years.
    Coming to voting you need not have any education and only age is the criteria. But for a job education is the criteria. For marriage, one should have financial security but for voting, it is not required. As a student also the boy can think about the country and the party. So there is nothing wrong in giving voting at the age of 18. There should not be any link between these two, I feel.

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