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    The thrill of quarrelling and fighting

    What is it that drives someone to constantly quarrel, even over inconsequential things? How do you deal with such people? Share your experiences of interactions with such people.

    Many people have a habit of fighting and quarrelling even on trivial and insignificant issues. They search for opportunities for these activities. They will discuss, fight and try to show that their arguments and points are the only correct thing in the world. Even when caught on wrong foot they will not agree so easily for their fault or error and due to the ego will adhere to their line of thinking only. Eventually, these people lose reputation in the family, society, friend circle or social media. People start avoiding their company or association with them.

    Have you also encountered such people? What do you think about this?
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    The population of such people is increasing day by day. I don't know whether it is a hectic schedule or the lack of patience that is making people egoistic these days. Even in earlier days, there used to be a difference of opinion. People clearly and boldly used to pour their hearts out. However, they also used to listen to the other person and were open-minded. This was called a discussion.

    Today I can hardly see people who are interested in having a discussion. Whenever they face a difference of opinion, they block the other person and don't care to stand in their shoes. It is clear in their minds that their opinions and beliefs are right and the other person is wrong. Thus, they say what they have to say and immediately strike an argument. The author has rightly described such people. The heading of the post "the thrill of quarreling and fighting" is apt for them.

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    Some people are like that and it is better to ignore or avoid them other wise they will make your life miserable.

    Such people are obsessed for fighting or I will rather say they are addicted to it. They do not get solace till they fight or quarrel.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    If we know the people who fight over little things and even can't bear the differences of opinion, we should try to avoid any such discussion that irritates them or we can avoid them to protect our peace of mind. We don't need to argue with these people who are willing to quarrel with you.
    To take care of our mental peace, the best thing would be to avoid them.

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    One can find lots of people of such nature around them. It's not easy to deal with such people as they always try to find out faults in the others and they never accept their fault even though in many instances they know that they are wrong.

    I have encountered with such people mostly in the office and I usually ignore such people and try to talk ro them very little as who knows when they get violent even for a very small issue. It gives very little chance to them to fight or quarrel with me. In offices, you can apply this strategy but it's not easy to cope up with a family member having such behaviour. One can't ignore them when at home. Such people cannot change themselves rather we should change ourself according to them. If we dont change there will be quarrels and fights for sure. It's in our hand how do we deal with such people.


    " It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not" ... Andre Gide

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    With the progress of time we have come across a lot of people who can start finding the fault with the other party. They would not like to listen any constructive argument being advanced by the other party. Once you want to convince them with your logical argument, they would be extremely irritated, giving no scope for healthy discussion. The situation at times becomes worse with the hurling of rough words or even they may try to assault physically. You may lack support of the people if such an unpredictable situation arises in course of such a healthy talk. The best way is to analyse the situation and one should restrict to indulgence with a stranger in order to avoid the untoward incident.

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    Being in the habit of fighting and quarrelling is not natural to any of us but still remain somewhere beneath us & as per our resistance to bear with the situations we sometimes go beyond after a certain limit & come-up with the reactions which is not identified as a pleasure personality & this create an image of a kind of personality which is quarrelsome. These kinds of situations arise when we are not ready to listen to the views of the others or try to justify the stand with irrelevant logics & hypothesis. These can easily be known with several instances wherein we can be evident of the fighting on the street or within the wall of a home. If taking in some philosophical ways than & in case if our wishes doesn't get satisfied or remain unfulfilled then this creates irritation & when the same gets expansion than we fill-up with anger & our mind stops thinking & then everything is out of control.

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    I have seen many people like this. If they say a cow will have three legs, we have to accept it. If we say he is wrong somehow he will argue foolishly and will not yield. It is like putting a stone on wet dung. It will splash on you only. It is better to be away from such people. I remember a poem I read in Telugu. It says you can take out oil from sand, you can drink water in a mirage and even we can find hares with a horn but it is not possible to make a fool understand the issue. So it is always better to be away from such people.
    So quarrelling and fighting with such people is a waste of our energy. We should argue with people who always understands the point in others argument and say how it is superior or inferior to his argument. Even one should be able to accept his mistake if he is wrong. Then only things will be smooth.
    Quarrelling and fighting for small issues for fun with our better half is always gives some happiness to us. That makes our life cheerful.

    always confident

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    There is a thrill in quarrelling and fighting which is only enjoyable to those who indulge in this behaviour. There are people who always think otherwise and they think they are always right. They will try to interfere in every affair and proclaim their views. There is no point in arguing with them because they are always right.

    I know a few like this and generally, try to avoid them. But if it is not possible and we come face to face, then I give them a smile and enquire whether everything is going well. If they stop and try to discuss some irrelevant issues I just avoid it by saying how busy I am at that moment and that topic can be discussed later on.


    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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