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    Do you have Google+ personal account?

    There was a popular post in internet in the year 2010 and 2011, it says, "Fastest and largest migration of the world is users from Orkut to facebook". After few years, Google took much effort to build up a social media and came back with Google+. Still it could not be as attractive as Face book or Twitter. Because of inadequate users and usage, Google decided to shut down Google+ personal accounts in April 2019. They published the notification of the same in December 2018 and given 90 days of time for their users to back up their data connected with their personal accounts.

    From April 2nd, Google will start deleting the contents of Google+ personal accounts and pages that you have created. It may take few months to delete everything; so in the mean time, you can view the existing contents but not sure how long it would exist. It is better to back up your photos, write ups, screen shots of required comments, favorite memes etc before 31st March 2019.

    You can no longer sign in to any apps using G+ button, You can no longer follow blogs and post comments using your G+ profile. Comments posted from G+ profile will also be deleted by blogger and other sites. If you are a Google + community owner, you will be given access to download and save additional data of your community from March 2019.

    I too use Google+, it is easier to share my articles and bog posts using G+. Still It is not attractive and none of my friends are active in this platform. But when compared to Facebook, using Google+ is lesser.

    Do you have Google+ account? Will you miss G+?
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    Google+ was introduced with much hype but it did not succeed like the other few who were the stalwarts in the fray. It was a bad timing for Google+ as many users were already tied up with Facebook, Yahoo, Blogger, Wordpress, Hubpages, YouTube etc.

    Google+ did an attempt of getting link from many leading sites to make its presence felt but it did not click.

    Today internet is full of excellent sites doing good in spite a cut throat competition. In this scenario many sites will start going out of the business as in an ever increasing crowd some people get crushed and eliminated. It appears fearful but it is true.

    Only those sites are going to survive in this digital arena which have long term business perspective and are able to hold its users in one way or other by motivating them or helping them to realise their basic requirement of entertainment and fun along with some element of creativity.

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    I am having a Google + account, and many of my articles have been posted there. I noted this warning and I want to take some means to download and preserve them. I am yet to plan the procedure.

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    Google+ is closing down and we have to shift the data either to some cloud utility (like Google drive) or to our personal hard drive.

    It is better to store in the cloud and then retrieve it whenever required.

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    I have raised the same question only three days before. Thereafter, this thread was raised yesterday. I have been reading the suggestions being given by the Members. So far I have understood that the personal data, articles, etc. will have to be stored in Google Drive or in the personal hard drive.
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    I have a G+ account. I remember when I was on the expert column and bubblews I used to use Google plus and used to share my blogs. Many of my online friends were there on it. I never used it for anything except sharing write-ups. I was shocked when I read the news that they are shutting this site. I remember when it was introduced there was huge hype that it will outshine other sites like Facebook and Twitter but it didn't happen and could not make an impact in the market.

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