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    Let the site face the Parliamentary Committee

    Jack Dorsey, Mark Zuckerberg and Sundar Pichai have been called by the House and Senate Committees in the USA to testify against the accusation of politically biased management of their businesses. Facebook has been called by many Parliamentary bodies across the world after its dirty secret regarding Cambridge Analytica was known. These social media giants are accused of manipulating public perception unfairly to effect democratic elections in the USA and in some other countries.

    Now, it's the turn of Twitter India. Twitter is accused internationally of projecting and enforcing the promoter's bias on the democratic process of India. And the site does so with impunity. Many Twitter-users have complained that their voice is being suppressed by this micro-blogging site, which is fast losing its popularity in India (although Twitter India has denied this allegation in a blog released yesterday). Now, the Parliamentary Standing Committee on IT, headed Shri Anurag Thakur, has summoned Twitter India officials to hear the views of Ministry of Electronics & IT and of Twitter to understand how the fundamental rights of citizens of India could be safeguarded on social media platforms.

    Let Twitter India face the Parliamentary Committee and explain its bias against a particular ideology.
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    Social media giants should be interrupted whenever they are going beyond their entertainment and fun boundary.

    If not monitored and not warned they may take advantage of their huge user base and do some mischiefs as well as favour some selfish pitical elements.

    Let them face the authorities time to time.

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    It's very important for all the social networking platforms to adhere to the rules of the country. India has a huge population and a large section of people use different social media platforms. It's a place to share personal views as well as to comment on some other's views. Any important news or rumours spread like wildfire throughout the social media platforms and it is always necessary to curb the spread of false messages. Any kind of message that is widely spread influences the public and they create an opinion based on it. As long as the messages are true, it's good. But if a false message is spread there is a negative impact on people which can always influence the results of an election.

    We already know the lynching incidents in many parts of our country because of the spread of fake news and after that Whatsapp has put in some measures to curb the widespread circulation of fabricated messages. In fact a few days ago Whatsapp has expressed their displeasure because the ministry has asked them to implement a method which according to them is not technically feasible.

    In this case, I hope Twitter will face the standing committee and will implement the necessary guidelines to stop any misuse or abuse of their platform.


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    Jack Dorsey, the Head of micro-blogging site Twitter, has declined to present himself before the Parliamentary Committee. I think the Government must take punitive action against the site for its partial attitude.
    Come on, have a fight. Don't shoot and scoot.

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    Nothing wrong. They should face the standing committee and answer their questions and should be able to explain their stand. As mentioned by the author when other social media is called by other country's parliamentary committees what is wrong if India has done it. I hope they will face the committee and implement if any suggestions are given by the committee. It is good.
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    The Parliamentary Standing Committee on Information Technology (IT) led by BJP MP Shri Anurag Thakur has asked Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey to present himself before it on 25 February. The Committee had earlier declined to meet Twitter's representatives from India.
    Come on, have a fight. Don't shoot and scoot.

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    There should be rules for these social sites and they should follow them and if they don't follow the rules they should be punished for the same. Rules are the same for all social sites and they should clarify if they don't obey the rules set for them.

    I don't agree that Twitter is losing its charm in India. I think it is equally popular as it was in the past.


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    The thread title as I read from index page really made me a bit shocked and misled. To that extent Partha is successful. I appreciate for that creative talent.

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