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    The journey of life will be comfortable in old age

    My uncle told me that in old age phase of our life if we keep minimal household items and replace the heavier furniture with the lighter one and remove the clutter and duplicate and unwanted items from our house then it will be convenient and comfortable and you will not feel to be in a crowded place.

    I am also convinced with the argument that if we live a simple life with minimum household items during the old age phase of our life, the journey of life will be much more easier and comfortable. Do you also feel like that? Does it matter?
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    It is a fact that heavy utensils will be a problem for everybody, especially for the aged. That may be the reason why more lighter utensils and pieces of furniture are available in the market.

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    From practical point of view, in the later phase of life, people should keep less items in the house and avoid buying heavy furniture etc. In old age these things do not help rather than become a load on the mind. In emergency you can not move or push the heavy items from one place to other.

    Some people have so many cutlery sets and equal number of dinner sets but only one or two will be in use. This excess inventory works like clutter in the house and reduces the storage space.

    So in old age living in a lighter surroundings is a good idea.

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    Unnecessary things should always be avoided in the house not only when you are old but all the time. If you have a couple of cutlery sets but you use only a few items from it what is the need to have two sets of cutlery.
    You keep so many heavy furnitures in your house but is the fund a of using all such things if they you are not using them.
    Some may say it is for beautifying the house which I think can be lit with smiles, love and mutual respect for each other in the family.
    So, remove the burden and share the love!

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    We should not keep unwanted goods and furniture at home respective of any age. Because it's of no use to keep them as they occupy space. I don't think heavy and excess furniture beautifies home. Also, too much furniture is a fire hazard and it may affect health. As for old people cleaning everything is not possible so there are chances that dust, mould or animals dander may get collected on them which is bad for allergies and asthma.

    " It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not" ... Andre Gide

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    Good. In old age, we should have minimum household articles which very necessary for our day to day life. We need not worry about the latest models and the latest types of furniture. Keeping them clean in the house is a big problem and we will not have that much energy also. We should try to live as simple as possible without depending on somebody. Even though we have money to own all those items we should not go for them and we should use minimum items only. We should spend most of our time in prayers and meditation. If we have money we can donate that for a good cause and see that we will be remembered by people even after our death.
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    Well, I would say that the perception would differ because to my parents this is not the case. We still are carrying with the much older stock of the books & furniture which were purchased before & around the time that they got married. Initially I used to object but later on even I feel the difference. My family background is such that we were not financially well-off & therefore whatever came to their ways they just added to the stock. Although they are changed with the time to some extent but still they are carrying with the emotional attachments with the stocks & the same is the case with me too. For instance, recently I made a purchase of one Sony Mobile but I never thought of exchanging with the old one. May be according to others I am old fashioned but this only can be felt by those who value their choices.

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