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    Why reservations are still a deciding factor in our country?

    After introducing the provision for reservation once, it got related to vote bank politics and the following governments and the Indian Parliament routinely extended this period, without any free and fair revisions. Later, reservations were introduced for other sections as well.
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    Caste based reservations are never going to end in our country, as could be seen from the happenings in several states. In certain States more and more new castes are demanding for their castes also for inclusion. Those who are already in the list do not want to stop it. With these backgrounds, our country will have to continue the system of caste based reservation. Economic reservation is not well accepted by any of the political parties also, as far as I understand.

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    There is still caste-based discrimination prevalent in the country. If the reason for introducing reservations is still present, how can reservations themselves be stopped?

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    Reservation is a deep rooted evil which has worsened the political scenario in our country.

    After getting the independence from the Britishers in our country some like minded people thought that the people who were neglected in the society due to the caste and creed considerations require some uplifting in the society otherwise they will always be ill treated by the upper class.

    At that time this looked as a bright proposition and was in line with our constitution and democratic set up to give equal opportunity to all the classes of the society.

    Unfortunately later this was being used by the politician for their own advantage for wooing the voters and could not be stopped after the stipulated time. This necessitated to satisfy some other groups of the society also by giving some reservation to them so that they do not make hue and cry on the political canvass.

    The situation today is pathetic and no politician has guts to remove this from the regulatory framework.

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    It is high time that we should abolish all types of reservations in the society. They have created a lot of problems and things are already in a mess of reservation percentage every where.

    Politicians are always fighting on these issues and wasting their time.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    The reservation system once introduced in our country just after the independence was to promote certain section of the society especially the Backward and ST class to uplift the standard of the down trodden class. The period is always extended on expiry of the term and even after the elapse of approx 71 years no significant achievement could be made to uplift such classes. In fact, this system has made lethargic to majority of the students availing such concessions and in such process their sincerity to achieve success is lost. They believe that they will be taken care of under the prevailing quota system.
    We need to come out of the existing system and backwardness should be evaluated on the basis of financial backwardness and due care is to be given on free supplementation of the text books apart from waiving the examination - fee. This will help in the maintenance of the competitive environment of the pupils for the better preparation of their careers without resorting to any unfair means in the examination.

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    As long as politicians expect votes from the people the reservation system will continue. No political party has the determination to see that the reservation system will be abolished. Slowly new castes are asking for reservations and political leaders are yielding for the pressure.
    After a long time, BJP brought a little change and given 10% reservations to EBC. But some shrewd politicians at the State level misused this also. AP Chief Minister Babu has allotted 5 % from this 10% to Kapu caste who are in good number and they are demanding reservation. So he utilised the chance with an eye on the coming elections and changed the purpose of giving the additional 10%.
    Merit students can't stay back in this country. Many NRIs are in good position as they were not offered any post here and they went outside and settled well there. Very Unfortunate.

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    The author has explained the reservation based politics in a very concise way but even after this do we still feel the need to have it?

    In India, the reservation provides one of the bases for the political parties in order to target their voters. As in the case of other areas, we got huge competition in the politics as well with very limited seats on account for forming-up with the government. We must understand that these issues only comes-up when there is election & after this this gets shifted to some other areas. This has become the biggest political instrument in order to lure voters & increase their presence. This was continued for specifically limited period after we got the independence but due to vote bank politics this continued & now this has become so big that it is almost impossible to control. Who is responsible for this?

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    The reservation system was created to uplift the status of SC and ST but the politicians have made a habit of taking advantage of the same. They forget that reservation is just making our system worse as the undeserving and untalented people get the place which they should not. It's very strange as they favour it. It's very sad that the student who dont even pass the entrance exam get selected and become a doctor but is there any politician who goes to such doctors. They just make people fool as they just promise that they will increase the percentage of the reservation or include caste in the reservation but when they win the election they dont able to do it or forget. Then people understand that their leader did this to get the votes only.

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