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    How did the film 'KGF' went on to become a box office hit?

    I wonder how the much hyped film 'KGF' received a positive response from the public which contradicted to that of the critics.
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    Welcome Mr Aravind to ISC. I have seen this second post from you and will suggest that if you write your forum post with slightly more details more people will join the discussion you started. You have posted the material too brief and many of the members might not be able to take a note of it.

    As you are new here, you can find all about this site in the help section but for your information, I just want to tell that there are many other sections here like Ask Experts, Article section, Job posting, School and Colleges, Information update etc.

    You can post your creative work here and there are some good earning opportunities also which you will come to know subsequently when you stay here for a longer time.

    Please remember that this is predominantly an educational and knowledge sharing site and that type of contributions are welcome most.

    Coming to the movie KGF, yes, it has done very good on box office. This Kannada movie has also been dubbed in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam. The story belongs to a rebel on the background of Kolar gold mines in late '70s and seems to be interesting. I have yet to see it to give my detailed comments.

    I think other members who have seen it will be commenting on your post.

    So continue your creative work in ISC and all the best.

    Knowledge is power.

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    I also read about it in the movie review sites. It is doing very good on the financial earning side which is a very important aspect from the producer's point of view.

    The story appears to be repeated one only but the acting and cinematography is what counts in the movie ultimately.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    I saw KGF only because I heard Zero was too bad. Day before yesterday I watched Zero and found a huge part of the movie really enjoyable. I regretted watching KGF. The action sequences were commendable. But there is nothing new in the movie. Of course it is just the first chapter and we are yet to see proper story writing. KGF is a huge amalgamation of everything I hate about Indian cinema. The minimalistic female lead roles. The over hyped action sequences. Needless drama in name of narration. A huge group of side characters who have no character of their own. KGF's climax though was very well done. Infact the whole second half was way better than the below average first half. Maybe the time it was released really favored KGF. KGF in simple words, is cliche to me.
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