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    Focus on the work you are doing at present

    We are so busy in our day to day life that we have always a list of things to do and sometimes we keep on thinking about our pending work. Even while doing one particular task sometimes our mind hovers on other tasks which are still remaining and we get anxious as to when everything will get completed. The result of this is that we are not able to focus fully on the work we are doing currently and this at times compromises the quality of work we do.

    It is always best to completely focus on whatever we are doing now without thinking of the work we need to accomplish next. This will enable us to do our current task more efficiently and with good quality. To give examples sometimes a person thinks of things he has to do at home while he is in office and vice versa. This way he is neither able to concentrate on his work in office nor at home. It is quite natural that the pressure of pending work will always be there and as humans, it is sometimes natural to keep thinking of it while they are doing their current work. But training ones mind in a such a way that it remains focused on current work and does not get diverted to things to do in the future is likely to enhance our efficiency and quality of work.

    We know what Arjuna told to his guru while aiming to shoot the bird's eye in Mahabharata. "I can only see bird's eye and nothing else". So focus your minds towards your present work.
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    Absolutely we should focus our mind on the work which we are presently doing. Thinking of many things together won't solve the purpose, it will only disturb the mind and reduce our efficiency to do the present work.
    I have always trained my self like that you mentioned I always keep tensions of my home at home and don't carry them at work and vice verse. I have seen people who think of their domestic problems at work and how their work gets affected and are scolded by the boss.


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    An excellent post by the author. Many of us plan various things in our life and feel good with those ambitions but when it comes to doing efforts to achieve those goals many of us get distracted from our work.

    There can be many reasons for such distractions but it ultimately affects our performance and we fail in the very purpose of our working that is to achieve the objectives.

    Why it happens and why people get distracted is a big subject which psychologists can decipher better but one thing which comes to the mind is the sincerity of the purpose. We must be serious and sincere in our endeavours. Without that we will be doing it without our heart there.

    That is the reason why the educational consultants and advisers always suggest the students to pursue the career path where they have real interest or passion as in that case only they can focus in their work in a better way.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Very motivating narration by the author.

    Most of us work hard but lack focus. I think focus is something which decides the quality of the work we carry out. It is an essential ingredient for our success.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Absolutely nice post and I also feel doing so many things at a time not only loses ones peace of mind but also disrupts the quality of work. Focusing only on one particular work bring you efficient and amazing results.
    It is always encouraging to do one job at a time to increase the quality of the job. Two legs in a boat would only sink us and all our different bunch of work will get ruined.
    So, focusing only on one job will bring laurels, respect, and success, and getting into too many things will take us nowhere.

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    A wonderful thread by the author which shows us the importance of focus. It is always important to focus on the work that we are doing at present and then only we will be able to concentrate on it. If we think of some other tasks it will always distract us from the present work which in turn is going to hamper our productivity. Many of us do not follow this and easily get distracted by thinking of what is going on somewhere else.

    Actually, our mind is always active and something is always going on in the background. Concentration is a practice and vital for our success in every stage of life. We have to stay in the present moment and have to work on things according to the situation. While planning for the future is always necessary, the future is always unpredictable. How accurate may be the plan, things can always go in a different way. Ultimately, whatever may be the situation, we need to accept it. Therefore staying in the present moment is essential. By practising to stay in the present moment, we will be able to concentrate on the work we are doing at that moment.


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    Right. Focus on the job that is being performed is very important for achieving the quality and finish the work in time. It is always better to plan and do things. When you are planning, keep all the things to be carried out in your mind and give the priority as required. Once you do that you will get an idea about the whole issue. Once you start performing the plan concentrate only on the work you are doing at that time and don't worry about the other issues at that time. Thinking about the past always is a waste of time and the future is uncertain. So you be present and do the work that is being carried out at that time.
    While working on one issue if you start thinking about the other works there will be many chances to do a mistake and it will take a long time to correct the mistake and you can't perform the next works also in time. So always focus on the work you are doing.

    always confident

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    While doing any job, the important part is the absolute dedication. It means one should be immersed with the task being taken. Multitasking doing at the same time may divert the attention of the performer and as such one may miss the important points essential to achieve the perfection. Of course, this can be achieved if one has the geniune passion on that line. More is the passion, more one will apply creativity to make the assignment marvellous.

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