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    How to be a good teacher?

    Teaching is a noble profession. Whether it is teaching to the tiny tots or students of schools or a batch of institutional trainees, it is basically same and equally important and useful.

    The job of a teacher is to desemminate knowledge and learning and to that matter it is one of the most responsible profession.

    A teacher has to keep pace with new syllabus and curriculum and come up to the expectations of the students and for this he has to work hard and remain always in touch with the latest in academics.

    It is not so easy to be a good teacher. What do you think about this? Please give your opinion.
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    Teaching is a noble profession and deserves a high degree of respect. Teaching is not an easy job you need the patience to deal with the different students with different background and with different aptitude.
    The teacher should be reflective to disseminate the knowledge into a new generation. The teacher should be friendly but focused on his job.

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    Apart from the academics teacher should teach moral values to the kids. Yes, they should adjust themselves with the new syllabus and should be equipped with the latest technology to teach kids. The teacher is the one from whom kids learn so he should have enough knowledge to teach kids.

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    It's not so easy to become a good teacher. Apart from academics, a teacher must know how to deal with different situations in life and guide the students accordingly. Teachers always play an important role to guide them in difficult situations. Every child is unique. Their way of understanding, their thought process, their concentration level is not the same. Some students take time to learn, they may go through difficulties because of problems in the family. A good teacher has the capabilities to handle all these situations and guide the students properly so they can face all these tough situations.

    A good teacher should have a fair idea about the psychological aspects of the youth and must update her/himself about different statistics regarding the intricacies of a student's mind. It is required because, while growing up, lots of changes do take place in a youth's mind. A good teacher is someone whom the student can emulate.


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    In fact there is no meaning, if I make a comment on this thread. I am a person who spent a little more than 35 fruitful years as a teacher. I started the carrier at the age of 25. I remember my first class. It was for the second year Post graduate students of a University department. In fact it was my first ever class in my life. Being a University PG batch, the number of students was less, just 12 or 13. That gave me a strength. Further, I was to take classes in a subject which was entirely new to them. The students were studying for Marine Biology course and I was to take the class in Statistics. They knew nothing about the subject. Hence I had to start from some fundamentals in the subject. Fortunately, I was capable of introducing the subject in a simple manner which attracted their attention. I never felt that I was a novice in the field. The subject was thorough to me, and could easily present the topics in a simple manner. Because of this one or two students asked me, after the class, where I was teaching earlier.
    That was the beginning and throughout my career I took classes to students studying for different PG batches, the students of these batches had not much background in Maths. I was a specialist in Statistics and that subject has applications in most of the science courses. The PG courses for which I had to handle classes were all different (Marine Biology, Oceanography, Geology, Statistics, Mathematics, Meteorology, Marine Geology, Marine Chemistry, Rubber technology, Aquaculture, Bachelor of Fishery Science and Master of Fishery science, and some more.
    As a teacher I was well recognised and the College heads always entrusted me different academic related works. Students also were keeping high respect and intimacy with me.
    Teaching is, no doubt, a noble profession and I could keep that nobility throughout my career. Many students keep in touch with me even after several years of my retirement. Many students became my colleagues as teachers in my college. My students could occupy very high positions in the academic, professional, official and in other fields.


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    The job of a teacher is very difficult because the students look up to him for solutions to all the problems, sometimes even the personal problems. A good teacher is like a mentor for them.

    Everyone does not have temperament to become a good teacher. It requires patience and consistency. Good teachers are life long remembered by their students.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    It is a fact that some of the students approach selected teachers to find solutions to their personal or family related problems also. Generally, they approach such teachers who mingle with them in matters related to non-academic activities. I was the officer in charge of NSS in our college for about twelve years. Additionally I had to work as the officer in charge of college union. Because of all these I was always connected to students' issues. Above all I was the professor in charge of academic matters. Hence by all means students had to be in contact with me.

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