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    What is your opinion on human relations?

    The famous quote by Aristotle - "All human relations are monetary relations" looked to be true in some occasions but not always true. As someone said relationships are not examinations to get qualified or fail. It is also not a competition to win or lose, else a relationship is not something to withstand the test by someone to prove your loyalty. Relationship is something which symbolizes the feeling to care someone more than yourself. It is generated out of the bondage of mutual trust and friendship. It has an in-depth meaning in itself. It disapproves the Aristotle's theory also.

    What is your take on relationship and human relations?
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    In this materialistic world there are definitely many relationships based on the financial considerations but at the same time the relationship based on sentiments, affection and true love are of a different kind.

    The shrewd business people may not agree to this or may not be able to have these subtle feelings in their hearts but it is true.

    There are some people and some situations which create these sentiments and the nectar of love and affection flows without any monetary exchange.

    Money is not the sole criterion of a relationship. There are much pleasant and much important ties between the human beings who are having true love with each other.

    In our epic 'Ramayan', Sita the princess of king Janak's empire could stay back in the comforts of Ayodhya city but accompanied Rama in the journey through the jungles and was even kidnapped by the evil Ravana.

    It only shows that she loved Rama and nothing else. Her love was above the materialistic comforts of the world.

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    Emotion plays a great role in human relationships. If it's purely a monetary relation, then there is no place for emotion there. We may call it a business relation. These types of relations last as long as there is a purpose. On the other hand, where there is emotion involved in a relationship, it continues. In every situation of our lives, there is a give and take policy. There are expectations in almost every relationship and when these expectations are not fulfilled the problems start.

    While being too emotional can damage a relationship, there must be reciprocation from the other end. The understanding between the persons in any relationship is important. While it takes time to develop trust, it is the responsibility of everyone to respect this trust. In every situation, we have to maintain different kinds of relationship with different persons and we must maintain a balance to keep all the relationships working. To stay happy it is always better to have the least expectation from others.


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    Human relations are based on many things like behaviour, love and affection, mutual respect etc. Good human elations can be inculcated with care and concern for each other.

    Relations based on selfish motives do not stay long and lead to separation.

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    I cant completely deny that money doesn't matter in relationships. That would be a lie.
    We all require some kind of belongingness and contact to survive. There are two ways relations are made. One is blood borne one. And other is the one we build. The blood borne relationships are the best because we need no qualifications or any selected traits to accomplish the bonding. Whereas friendship, love and other relationships require us to have certain properties. Appeal, reliability, responsibility, care and etc. When such relationships turn into events like marriage, we need to look at our financial stability too. That is when relationships kind of become monetary. I am not saying that poor people have no love. But definitely there is a huge deal of damage when one of the pair starts wanting things more than their affordability or when some mishap happens.
    We should not completely rule out financial stability from the equation. Absolutely love first. Then strive to keep yourself financially stable. That is when a relationship can go smooth. Relations are not monetary maybe. Maybe, we require monetary means to hold a relationship.

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    We can't live without human relations, it is indispensable for the existence of a person. We can't imagine living without human relationships based on emotion, love and mutual respect for each other but the relationship based on some mean interests of an individual may not be good for a person. We can not keep deceiving people for getting our mean ends which ultimately downgrade the human relationship. No person can afford to be mean to such an extent that it tarnished his image in society. A person can't live in solitude, so building an honest relationship with humans is quintessential for the person to live with amity and cordial manner.
    Building relation based on selfish or materialistic interest are not long lasting.
    Human relationships are essential but based on love, amity and mutual respect for everyone in the society.

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    I agree with the author partially. Few relationships do not have lust they are just based on the emotions, love and bonding whereas there are few selfish people who make relationships just for the greed. They are always trying to find out the opportunity to get money out of the people. I remember I had a friend who used to be like this. He was my friend for 5-6 months and asked money when he thought I am connected to him emotionally but I denied as I have always believed that money breaks a relationship. Finally, he broke up and never spoke to me. I never felt bad for it as I came to know from others that he had done the same thing with several people in the past also.

    " It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not" ... Andre Gide

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    Relationships are of two types, formal and informal. Both kinds of relationships between human beings can be either cordial or not cordial. It is not necessary that blood relationship will be very sweet and friendly while the rest of the relationships would lack sweetness and friendliness.

    The hard and fast rule is we must nurture every relationship with love, affection, care and most of all with respect. Every minute we get to know that blood relationship is under scanner because of property dispute, personal freedom as well as for fat bank savings. Friends have no blood connection, but sometimes friends become more than family because of their selfless love. On the other hand, some friends sometimes backstab, so it is better to say a human relationship is humane when there is no bad intention, but it can be harmful when there is some vested interest. Blood or no blood relationship, both can be a selfless or a selfish one.


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    Epic Ramayana is the book which tells us about the importance of human relations. How a son should be with his father and how a father should be with his son, How a wife should be with her husband and how a husband should be with his wife, how a brother should be with his other brothers etc. This epic explains us all the important issues to be maintained with the people in society. In this entire epic, the value given for money is zero. All the people felt that human relations are much needed than money.
    Even a gold plate requires wall support to stand. Similarly, we require at least four people to take us in our final tour on this earth. So one should give importance to human relations and have good relations with other people. This relation will be good if we use to give and take policy. When you help someone when he is in a problem he will definitely help you when you need. If you are not ready to help others but expect others to help you, it may not be possible.

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