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    Do you think Blogger days coming back?

    Do you think Blogger days coming back because google plus is being shutdown due to some reasons. I think blogger days is coming back and google will give some priority to posts and blogging soon and who lost his ranking and search may boost back.

    It will be good if blogger days come back again. I am thinking blogging activities going down day by day due to google's changes.

    Whats your views friends. Please share to know more about it.
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    If you are referring to old blogs which was not updated from long time and has less authority. Than you may not be thinking in right pattern. Google is giving priority to active, more authority blogs to rank on top. Peoples who are doing hard work may get results better. I don't think blogging activities are coming down, because Google revenue is not down and i see good rankings for certain type of blogs.

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    For reputed, popular, content rich and good blogs the things are already going in the usual way as people access them time to time for relevant and reliable information.

    The problem is coming for the blogs which are mediocre and are only duplicating the already available content in other sites. They are in fact not adding any value in this space.

    If we see the dot com boom post scenario situation then there is almost a stagnation in the blog development and things are going in a lukewarm pace except a few ones which are bringing new ideas and innovations.

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    yes offcourse

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    I think google plus hardly changed any blogger related days. People who want to earn money continue to do it on their own website instead of contributing to other websites. And they earn lot better if they start their own blogs. In such case you can see that Google plus only turned out to be distraction. Not a lot of people wasted their social media efforts on Google plus. In fact most of the people spent their social media efforts on facebook, instagram, twitter and their own blog. So google plus shutting down won't cause any much ripple in the social media world.

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    Bloggers mainly earn from the advertisements that are published with their contents and when the readers click on those advertisements, the bloggers get paid based on the number of clicks. It is always essential to post quality contents to increase viewership of a website which in turn will increase the chance of getting more clicks on the advertisements.

    Google plus is closing down due to various reasons and one of those reasons may be a security breach that was reported last year. As Mahesh has already mentioned that compared to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram Google plus has a much less user base and this is prompting the company to think of shutting down the service. This has nothing much to do with blogging. Blogging is there and now the competition is increasing day by day. Blogging doesn't necessarily mean that you will be able to make good money. This is mainly because of stiff competition. The contents must be rich and informative to keep the readers hooked onto your blog. Just go through the interview with Tony Sir, to get more clarifications regarding blogging where you will find many interesting details.


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    Google + is getting closed shortly. But it is never a replacement for blogs. Even during these days also we are seeing many blogs and blogging is going on actively. But some people start a blog and then forget that. They will not update and never given importance to them. Such blogs even now also are not doing well and I don't know whether people will revive them and make them active. Let us wait and see for a few days. We will get a fair idea.
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    In my opinion the blogging space is already saturated and a bit stagnant also. Only the established bloggers are getting visits to their pages but all others are sitting like that only. Due to a large crowd in the blogging space the user sometimes is not able to reach the correct place for the exact information.
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