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    The same applies inhere too.

    Few times back I had come-up with the below thread & received the rational concerns on behalf of the members but don't we feel that the same being applies in the context to voting too when we are about to opt for casting our votes?

    The bigger part of a picture which we have never thought of.

    Undoubtedly, we all are abide to a certain type of ideologies but don't we feel that now it's time for some moderate views wherein we are required to come above our selective approaches & in accordance to it we need to think above it & on the national perspective because that's how we create the future of our nation & create the better environment for the coming generations.
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    Though the context is different, both the threads indicate we must think before we act. It is really important when it comes to voting because through our voting only the next government will be formed. Not all have ideologies and people must exercise their franchise keeping in mind the developmental aspects of the country. It is a tough job to make an informed decision since most of the political leaders are engaged in unethical practices and they form alliance partners keeping in mind their influence on certain communities. Because of the nature of most of the political parties, many have developed an aversion towards voting which is not at all a healthy trend in a democratic setup.

    I said it is tough to make an informed decision because in many cases media is biased nowadays. At times I am really disturbed to find reputed news channels taking sides of political parties. We must exercise our choices based on ground realities rather than being influenced by tall promises of the politicians and vilification campaigns of different media.


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    Biased actions generate from narrow mindedness and political affiliation. These types of people will never go for a larger canvass. They are only limited to their vested interests and selfish motives.

    For development, bigger picture is to be sought where involvement of a larger population is required. Progress requires collective efforts.

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    When we want to make donations we should see that the donation given by us is useful for a good cause or not. If we give a ten rupees note to a beggar if he uses that money for having his food we will be happy. If he uses the same for a smoke, our money is not useful to him and what we have donated is not served the purpose. We should be careful in our next attempt when we donate. Generally, when I give some money to Orphanages I will see how good is the management and how they are utilising the money. Then only I will donate. I will try to donate to the organisations near my place so that I can go and see. Sometimes I offer food purchased to the beggars rather than giving money to them,
    But when the questions of voting come many people go by their affiliations. They think of the benefits they will get but they will never think about the country. Mainly the Indian public wanted welfare activities more and not the developmental activities. So Politicians are also trying to go for free sops instead of thinking about long term development. This is not at all good for the country. People should change accordingly.

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