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    Do you think the partisan attitude of police influence common men to break rules?

    Do you follow the rules? In most of the cases, the answer will be in the affirmative, though there are many rule breakers everywhere. It is not just limited to breaking the traffic rules, actually, we are habituated to break every kind of rules in place. Many threads were raised earlier regarding this particular nature and it is very difficult to pinpoint the exact reasons for becoming a rule breaker. While the suggestions of the majority are to impose strict penalties, at times we find there is a lacking in the actions of law enforcement agencies too.

    Have you ever thought of the image of the law enforcement agencies in the minds of people?

    Ask anyone and they will say the policemen are the most corrupt in society. If you cannot grease their palm it is difficult to get the job done. This is going on for a pretty long time. You will hardly find the police force taking the side of poor and vulnerable sections during any unrest and they will always work according to the instructions of the ruling political party. This situation is the same almost everywhere and if I say the police force is the protectors of the ruling party rather than the common people, I think I will not do any injustice. Don't you think these actions of the police force influence the common men to some extent to break rules?
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    Different people break rules due to different reasons. Some do it because of the apathy and indifference of police. There are some who are rich and have connections at high places. They believe that even if they break rules they will get away with their resources. Then there is a category, albeit a few, who are even not aware of the rules.

    In any country where stringent punishment is not there for the rule breakers, the habit of rule breaking can not be reformed.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Rule makers are the rule breakers in our country. They always know better how to interpret the rule to their advantage. They always pinpoint that point and make the entire issue for their advantage. When I was in my student days people used to have a fear to talk to the police. People used to follow all the rules at least in the presence of the police.
    But the situation is entirely different now. Nobody is having fear for Police. Because they know that they can manage by giving some money to them. Even the police who comes for verification before issuing your passport will also look at you for some favour even though everything is proper. So they lost their value.
    If somebody is violating rule police will stop him and take him to a side. keep on watching what is happening there. They both will discuss and the culprit will restart his vehicle and fly without any worry. He is sure that he can manage many more such things.
    Unless otherwise the attitude of the law enforcing people's change we can't expect any change in the mentality of the people.

    always confident

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    Most of the people in our country are abiding by the rules and law of the land. It is only a few who are not following anything and feel proud in breaking the rules. Whether police is doing well or not they will be going their ways only breaking the regulations here and there. These people are to be sternly dealt with punishment so that they do not dare to do such acts next time.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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