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    Cash Credit for best answer

    I have received an alert that my answer to the thread started by Reena Upadhya, is selected as the best answer. The link of the thread is, Naturally, I checked the thread and noticed that there is another best answer who has received cash credit, but I have not got a cash credit. There is an answer written by another member which is not adjudged as the best answer but has got cash credit, and even the amount is more than the cash credit given to the other best answer.
    I am confused. It would be great if someone could explain it.
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    CC and Best answers don't have to coincide. Best answer is something chosen by the author of the thread, so thereby doesn't have much significance. But editors award CCs to the answers they see fit and related to the thread. So best answers are not always the cash credit deserving answers. No way disrespecting you though. I have read your response and what you said was true. CC giving mechanism is not understood well by us members yet.
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    This depends on the editor which response they find suitable for crediting cash. It may happen that the author may have adjudged the best answer but it's not essential that these responses may be good enough for getting cash from the editors. I will suggest you not to compare yourself from others and continue to write quality content. I have seen many times on the threads that the responses which are good in my opinion don't get cash.

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    It is actually not the best answer but the best response as adjudged by the author of the post. The author of the post can give this honour to even more than one responders. It is basically how much the author is impressed with those responses. Many authors do not give this ranking. It is not mandatory to do so.

    The cash credit (cc) is given by the editors, in accordance with the policies and guidelines of ISC, considering the relevance, quality and creativity in the posts or responses. These cc are not very frequent in the forum section but we can expect 10-15 occasions in a month. The value can vary from 1 to 30.

    I hope this brings clarity in the matter.

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    There is no relation between the cash credits and the best answer. As members have already told that cash credits are given by the editors and choosing the best answer is the prerogative of the author of the thread. Cash credits are given to informative and relevant replies to the threads, though all replies do not get CCs.

    If you follow the threads carefully you will find a few replies to the threads were given CCs even when no replies in that thread was selected as the best answer. You can say selecting the best answer is dependant on the 'WOW' feeling of the author of the thread. While going through the replies of your thread if the reply of a particular member draws your special attention, then you select it as the best answer.


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    Thank you very much to all the members for clarifying my doubt. Now, I am clear about cash credit.

    @Aditya Mohan, You have not disrespected me so don't worry I have not felt bad. I did not know that the author of the thread selects the best response. Thanks again to all of you.


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