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    If the moral value is declining then is it parents fault?

    Apart from love, comfort parents also help their kids to learn moral values in life. Without proper values, life is nothing. Values give meaning to life. They establish priorities. They set moral boundaries and define the rules of behaviour. It's essential for parents to teach their kids to survive in this world.

    When moral values in people are declining in people then is it, parents, fault or is it their fault that they could not lean it properly.

    I have seen people who are good by nature but their kids are just the opposite. Why does it happen? Maybe they learn more by the company they live in. I think parents are responsible but the kids are equally responsible for the same. What is your opinion on this?
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    Children learn the moral values from the parents and the society in which they are brought up. The modern society is full of opportunists and selfish persons and when the children come in their contact they learn or experience all sort of vices and immoral activities.

    The question comes how to avoid this. May be by keeping the children secluded but that has an inherent danger of their becoming too soft a target in the practical life later in their life.

    Only parents can not be blamed as society has a major contribution in this.

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    Parents play a very important role to instil moral values in children and the surroundings help to assimilate what they learned from their parents. Nowadays the children are very confused. On one hand, their parents are teaching them good values, but during their interaction with society, they are observing something else. This confusion can be addressed by giving examples of great men with high moral values and parents can always lead their life by example. Children follow the actions of their parents minutely and copy them in their daily lives.

    For example, while telling the kids about the harmful effects of smoking and telling them not to smoke will remain less effective if the parents themselves smoke. Likewise, it is the same as telling lies or maintaining decent behaviour. There are people who behave nicely in public but misbehave with their spouse or other family members inside the home. This affects the children very much and they exhibit violent behaviour at a tender age. To stop this, parents, teachers and every member of the family has to be cautious and show the children the correct path when they sense something going wrong.


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    Children are most of the times with their parents and pick up traits from them. So the behaviour and actions of the parents are crucial in the sense that the children will unknowingly adapt to them and start behaving same way when they turn into adults.
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    Mother's lap is the first school for a child. A child learns what he is taught by parents at the early stage of life. So it is the responsibility of parents to inculcate moral values and proper development in the children.
    It is also obvious what is happening in the society has a direct impact on our children, there again it becomes the parent's responsibility to teach children that anything wrong going in the society, stay away from all evil thing. It may be difficult to change our society but we can surely start from our home, from our children to set things right.
    Children are highly imitative, what you do, good or bad, children adopt it. So we should always try to do a better thing and pass on all the good to our children.

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    One cannot blame parents for the declining of moral values. Of course, parents have their role in correcting the wrong path. These days children are very much exposed to different media. Cinema and computers are there which are attracting the growing generation. Even if parents control, the children get access to these through their friends. There are cinemas which present the importance of moral values through the stories. At the same time evil characters also will be there in most of the films. We cannot expect all the children are growing in the same background. Based on the parent's job and income there will be differences in the family atmosphere. The friends and relatives will also be varying according to the family's level. Children will copy several things (behavioural patterns, the language used, other connections, etc.)from them. The cultural background and the class in which they grow up definitely help influence their character formation. Actually parents can control the children only up to certain age. Starting from the KG classes the child gets exposed to several new atmosphere and friends. We can observe the changes taking place in the attitude and behaviour of kids when they start going to the play schools, even.

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    How many parents are on the correct path to correct their children? This is my major doubt on this subject. If one really observes the present day situation, there is no place with good values and ethics. We blame political people. But it may not be correct. Even the general public is also not that much particular about ethics and values. Everybody wants to get benefits without any trouble. Majority of the grown-up people are like this. So where the question of parents encouraging their children to have values when they themselves are not having.
    Before teaching these values and ethics to children, first, they should follow that and then teach them. Then the entire nation will become a good place to live. Mother and father are the first teachers to the Kids. They learn many things from parents by simply seeing them. They will follow them. So there is no necessity of separately teaching them if we follow the same. Children will learn definitely by seeing us. So the need of the hour is to follow values and ethics.

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    We learn what we see till a certain age, and later with maturity, we start forming our own opinion and do what we believe right. In this context, I would say a child observes his/her parents the most so gets to learn accordingly. While growing up friends, society, news and entertainment world play a vital role.

    The painful part is if a child goes wrong the parents get blamed automatically, but that's not a fair judgement. I agree, in some cases, parents are to be blamed but not all the parents. A reasonably grown-up child, in today's world, hardly behaves according to the parents' guidance. By saying so, there is no denying that parents have a great role to perform. The parents should always remain observant. Whenever a child is wrong then parents must point it out and, make them understand what is right. This duty cannot be overlooked. If such scrutiny is made sincerely, then in most of the cases, children who do something wrong would be able to rectify themselves at a certain point of time.


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