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    Do you buy second hand items?

    The market is flooded with household gadgets and other items. People are buying things left and right only to discard the old items from the house.

    Second hand items are in plenty available in the second hand market at throw away prices. Still few people are opting for them even if they are in good condition.

    In this situation, one can buy an old product at a bargain. There are so many opportunities in online sites also which deal in second hand items.

    Do you buy second hand items? What is your experience.
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    This is an interesting post and I am reminded of a relative who had a fascination of purchasing second-hand items. He was my mother's uncle and he died a few years ago. You can easily imagine that at those times not many gadgets were there and online purchase was unthinkable. He was in government service and used to purchase many second-hand items.

    Though I have never tried it myself, if I get a good value for money by purchasing a second-hand gadget I can go for it. There are people who do not like to use the product already used earlier by others. They always go for a new one and maybe because of that a few people go for the second-hand items. I have seen interesting advertisements of online stores showing the merits of purchasing second-hand items which are in good condition. Hope with wide circulation, it will gain popularity in the near future.


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    Long back, I was much fascinated by old items especially the wood and steel one's as they were available so cheap and with some renovation they looked alike the new.

    Lately the charm of buying old things got subsided and today we have so much inventory with us in our houses, and most of us are facing that, that we are now in a situation where we want to dispose them by selling or even giving away them on charity.

    Of course, these things will again depend on the financial condition of an individual and there are people, in present times also, who are looking for old items in good conditions on bargain. The sites like OLX are thriving on that business.

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    No at all nowadays. Nowadays the charm of buying second-hand items has died because maybe the income of people has increased and the things are available at a cheaper rate unlike it used to be in the past.

    I remember in childhood I used to buy second-hand books. Still, the second-hand vehicle is the one which people still buy. I don't think there is any harm in buying gadgets if they are in good working condition. I have noticed people buy old clothes too. Still now also my wife sells old clothes to buy new utensils. But I feel the trend of buying second-hand items has reduced because the life cycle of products has decreased due to the introduction of Chinese products in the market. In my opinion, we should buy second-hand products in order to reduce the dump and when they can be avail at good and affordable rates.


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    There is nothing wrong in buying second-hand items if they are worth the use and cost-effective. Though most of people hesitate to buy old items and always go for a brand new one I would go for it is worth the use.
    I can't have a second thought If I get an efficient second hand car. And even for electronic gadgets I wouldnot stop buying them as for as gadgets are working fine.

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    I have had bad experiences with second hand items. I had two second hand phones and both were horrible. So I try to buy first hand goods if its electronics. If its something mechanical, like a bike, I would never get a second handed one. All other goods are ok if they are second handed. But the joy of getting something first hand will never be the same as the second handed ones. The fact that we own something new is changed when you get something second hand.
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    The first watch I got was a second-hand one brought by my father; I presume I was too young then to be presented with a brand new one. The first bike (scooter) I brought was also a second-hand one but this time the choice was mine because I had just learned to ride then. I am not sure what happened to the watch but the scooter remained with me, in running condition, for almost twenty years till I disposed of it due to non-availability of spare parts. And yes, we did buy a second-hand VCP too which I am still holding on to as an antique piece. The list would be complete with a few bikes and cars that I have been buying, using and selling.

    Though I don't mind going for second-hand when it comes to automobiles (after thorough checks), I don't think I would like to own anything else that is second-hand; not due to any particular aversion but a new one is always a new one and has its advantages.

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    Household items are being sold by many rich people even though they are in good condition as they want to purchase the latest models. So these days we will find good in condition items are also in the second-hand market. People who want to have these items at a cheaper price are trying to purchase them there. If they are in good condition and coming at a lower price there is nothing wrong in purchasing them, It is my feeling in this case.

    But in my house, my wife and two sons are not interested in going for secondhand items. So, so far we never purchased second-hand items in our house. In our house, some unused 2nd electronic items were there. We have given them free of cost to my driver and servant maid. They are happy to take them and use them as they are in good condition and no repair is required.

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    For me the market of selling of the used items or the second hand commodities are not fascinating anymore more especially with the younger generations but still depends more upon the type of commodities we are planning to purchase. In context to electronic gadgets like the mobile set, the technologies are changing so fast that within the span of 1-2 years, the same seems lost of the attractions in comparison to the changing technologies but in context to any second hand motor vehicle or bike or even homes can come-up with some good deals when moved through with some reliable sources & after proper documentation. As far as I am concerned I don't find the second hand items reliable with the time but I have seen the second hand scooter & the first four wheeler during my childhood days purchased by my father which after many years had to get sold because of the lack of spare parts & increasing maintenance cost. However, if one feels ok than he or she can go ahead.

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    I never had any second-hand items except my good old beautiful Padmini who is with me since 1998. She is still running well by the grace of God. Of course, during my school days, I bought the second-hand school books from the previous class students. I never wore dresses of others or bought second-hand dresses from the market. I am not hasty to possess things. I save money and buy the item I like. Else I buy items through a hire purchase scheme if it is considered very essential to possess. I bought my first bicycle, Television, Washing Machine, Refrigerator, Scooter and Motorcycle on loan in easy instalments.

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    Not yet.

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    I did buy a carry bag in good condition at half the market price few months back. I had also bought a cupboard which I used for nearly 3 years and again sold it to someone making zero profit zero loss.

    I have sold many items on OLX though; our double bed with storage after almost 15 years of use, steel almirah, many mobiles, carom board and many other items I don't even remember now!

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    Yes i do sometimes

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    Mostly I do not prefer to buy second hand but if anything like property or any other stable product like chair table etc that I can buy. Bike , scooter mostly I don't prefer to buy because second hand maintenance cost more on those things.
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