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    Hindu newspaper suspects Government corruption in Rafale deal

    One of the unbiased National news paper Hindu revealed with proof that BJP government waived anticorruption clauses in Rafel deal. Mr.N.Ram, top most leading journalist and managing director of Hindu revealed BJP gave unprecedented concessions with critical provisions to anti-corruption penalties and making payment through an escrow account. This arrangement was done just few days before signing the pact. The same newspaper who found out the scam in Bofors case in the past questioning the BJP government who promised a scam free governance how it involved in this
    deal. Is this revelation say something raw in Rafale deal?
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    Since the apex court has given a ruling earlier on Rafale deal, I hope this time the court will take cognisance of the matter and act accordingly. It is true that Rafale deal has created an uproar among the political circle and Mr Rahul Gandhi is targetting the government each day on this issue. During election times many such news do surface and there must be a thorough investigation to find out the truth.

    I am not casting any doubt about the reputation of The Hindu, though every allegations and finding must be verified. I am not aware whether any government in this country has ever promised that their government will get involved in a lot of scandals. Before an election, every political party says they will put an end to corrupt practices. Every minister takes the oath of office by saying they will do justice to the people and the constitution. The question is how many keep the promise? The people of this country is tired and helpless too. There is no point in blaming a single political party.


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    In India now all the media and majority of the newspapers are trying to publish something or other against the present central government ruling the country. Many of these people don't want Hinduism to have their stand in India. This is mainly due to the money they are getting in the form of some idea to all the newspapers and media. If these papers go and talk anti about the religion of the people whom they are giving money may discontinue the same. This is not my opinion. This para is also from a reliable source.
    From the last four and a half years, nobody is able to find a scam about the present government. So everybody is talking about the Rafel only. Even after the Supreme Court gave its verdict Rahul Gandhi is just hanging on that point only as there is no other point which at least they can say the government is corrupt.
    Hindu is a paper with certain standards. But it may also follow the suit. Corruption in India is not new. All parties before the elections will always say they will provide corruption-free rule. Why people are so worried about the same point in which the court has given its verdict very clearly. Let them try for another point.

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    N. Ram has selectively taken the photocopy of the note-sheet. He has posted the comment of the Deputy Secretary endorsed by the Joint Secretary (Air). The comments of the then Defence Minister on the same page of the note-sheet have not been uploaded.

    The opposition parties and the so-called journalists 'are flogging the dead horse'. After the Supreme Court judgment, there is nothing to discuss on this issue.

    Unfortunately for these opposition leaders and the so-called journalists (a much better term has been used by General VK Singh for them), Rafale will not become a Bofors..

    Come on, have a fight. Don't shoot and scoot.

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    You see Mr.Ramakrishna, any newspaper or and individual that dares to say anything against the current Government is anti-national or funded by an anti-national.
    The Supreme court has refused to investigate the matter in detail claiming "constrained jurisdiction" but that has become a clean chit for BJP supporters.
    There is no point to argue with people who are blinded, the truth is out there for everyone to see and to those with a rational mind can make their own decision.

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    What we are trying to prove in here even after the SC verdict? This quite now a proven fact that the President of the Congress party, Mr. Rahul Gandhi has no faith in the jurisdiction of SC or of the statement of the constitutionally elected PM or of the Defense Minister or of the Defense expert or of any army personnel. Why we don't get the point that he being already on bail on the corruption charges can't prove to be a reliable source on any account?

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    Those who are not 'blinded' will arrange to pay Rs. 30,000 crores to the Air Force personnel (not to the family members) when they die! What a 'rational mind'!
    Come on, have a fight. Don't shoot and scoot.

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    Politics is a shrewd game of alleging and re alleging whether the sin exists or not. In this world of confusions and contradictions the politician take out the mileage from the spent fuel also.

    One thing I like to mention is even if the intention of a Govt might be honest, the experts on global tender and global procurements can always found some fault in the purchase documents which can be attributed to give leverage to a particular supplier. The tender and purchase documents are very complicated and full of legalities and always can be interpreted in many ways.

    It is also true that same thing happened in the time of earlier regime also and the documents could have similar errors or mistakes therein also.

    Now it is up to the investigating authorities to find out the truth whether the benefit was taken by the ruling party or not. Based on those reports supreme court takes a diligent decision.

    Gullible people are not aware of these complications and believe their leaders whatever they tell.

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    "......One of the unbiased National news paper Hindu..." Unfortunately 'The Hindu' newspaper has lost the qualification 'unbiased' since last many years,especially since N Ram got control of it. Those who are(were) ardent readers and sincere admirers of The Hindu know that.

    I will be surprised only if N Ram did not bring anything against the NDA government.

    I mam one who did not feel that Rajiv Gandhi got any kickback in Bofors. In the same way I do not feel that Modi is corrupt in Rafale deal.

    I firmly beleieve that Congress party which ruled the country and handled defence ministry for many decades should no have stooped such low to spread such things just for winning an election. I am sure this same Rafale matter is going to damage them by hitting them back in case they come to power after this elections. It is significant that the former PM under UPA- Mr Manmohan Singh is carefully silent or restricted on that matter. He
    sure will know the seriousness of the matter. The Congress party leaders now exploit the predicament of the ruling cabinet and especially the PM that they cannot divulge official secrets eventhough that can save them. If they divulge anything top secret, that will affect international relations and deals and will help only inimical interests. Moreover they could be taken to task for breaching Oath and secrecy too. That is why I say that this same Rafale will turn to be the Democles sword for the Congress too if they come to power after the elections.

    The opportunists do not consider that they are helping anti-India interests now.

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    Speaking and writing impeccable English does not make a man (and a woman) trustworthy. When will the people of India understand this plain truth? N. Ram has no credibility left.

    I reiterate that Rafale would not become a Bofors. Those who are criticizing Modi on this issue must try to see the real picture. They must try to understand that this is a much bigger conspiracy of weakening Indian Armed Forces. Those who are doing this because of their devilish agenda, must be countered.

    Come on, have a fight. Don't shoot and scoot.

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    These are the most common things in politics when the guilty of committing thousand crimes desperately searches for a single mistake of the ruling party or people in power to book them for their so far hidden sins.

    It is really strange that the public easily believes in these things and even cast their votes based on such mis information.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    We have an expert opinion here that the Rafale controversy is a bigger conspiracy to weaken the Armed Forces. The ploy by the BJP in this regard cannot be doubted because they know better. They were instrumental in creating ( in conjunction with the others) a ruckus earlier over the Bofors deal and it was the same Bofors that turned out to be the most effective against the enemy during the Kargil war. So, would it be fine to conclude that their aim was the same that they are alleging against the Congress now? Whether there is any truth in the Rafale allegation or not is a matter that law and time will prove but we need to note that the BJP is feeling jittery.
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    The Hindu tagline(The largest circulated English Daily in South India) is one of the most reputed media institution in the country without any black scar since 1878.We are still believing in media means Hindu like news channels play a pivotal role in it,Even former chief minister of united A.P Y.S.R also praised The Hindu news paper in Assembly for their unbiased nature towards resolving the issues...
    A blunt knife or rusted knife can't be useful for anything just for the sake we call it as the knife similar to PayTM series or Sachin or Virat records.

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    Today's Times of India has published a news item which states: "Desperate times call for desperate measures. Grappling with a free fall in the number of its fighter squadrons amidst the ongoing political dogfight over the Rafale deal, the IAF is now looking to acquire 21 MiG-29 jets lying in an unassembled, mothballed condition with Russia since late 1980s. The fighters, for which Russia has offered a 'good price', were built in the 1980s but never assembled and flown."
    The link is:

    In spite of this, when a very knowledgeable, respected and feared Member mocks the shortage, an ordinary Member only finds the mockery an agenda-driven conspiracy.

    Come on, have a fight. Don't shoot and scoot.

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    In politics, no one is clean or cleaner or cleanest. Both BJP and Congress are the same. Within India, the parties manage its corrupt affairs from a counsellor to a Prime Minister. Corruption rules within India but with a good cover. But when there is a great foreign deal amounting to billions, it comes to the limelight and they are caught. Bofors for Congress and Rafale for BJP. No doubt, such defence deals and the scandals therein, weaken the morale of the Armed Forces and its personnel. Arms deal should be left to the concerned Force and MOD. PM should oversee the deal but not involve in the deal. There shouldn't be any middlemen in defence deals. Moreover, defence deals should be a secret affair, not a public affair to discuss in parliament or on any platform.

    It is the duty of the media to publish what they get. The Hindu did the same. Why blame Ram? I have trust in 'The Hindu'.

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    Breaking news:

    The CAG report on the controversial Rafale fighter jet deal was tabled in the Rajya Sabha today. The report has said that the Rafale deal signed by the NDA Government was 2.86% cheaper than the deal negotiated by the UPA Government.

    Now let's see what the opposition leaders and their 'bhakts' (including N. Ram) say.

    Come on, have a fight. Don't shoot and scoot.

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    #658665, but then it is not 9% as claimed by the center either. And what about the relaxation agreed to in matters related to the guarantee part which would ultimately benefit the Dassault Aviation Company only and India would have to bear the brunt? It is reported that the CAG has categorically mentioned that the prices should have been much lower than what has been finally agreed to since the banking charges have been waived off. The CAG report is said to be a mixed bag and might need to be scrutinized further due to this simple fact. Why highlight the 2.86% part only when there are other points also that need to be mentioned? The rule of 'going by what interests me only' does not augur well always.
    'Real knowledge is to know the extent of one's ignorance' - Confucious.

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    #658673/Saji Ganesh, In reference to the statement that, "It is reported that the CAG has categorically mentioned that the prices should have been much lower than what has been finally agreed to since the banking charges have been waived off", quite logically to the fact that this doesn't highlighted with the technical part. In order to understand this in the simplest possible way then let's compare the price of a mobile handset which we used to purchase ten years back with a price tag of Rs. 10000/- but do you feel that the physical & technical specifications of that mobile set would be competitive enough to or matching up to the standard of current trends of because for me it can't possibly be the case but instead we need to take care of shifting in the technologies too. What do you feel? because I find it good to leave this all to the Defense team as we don't have the level to think of that extra layers.

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    Ved Prakash, why should we presume anything when facts are clear. I did not arrive at my own conclusion. I just repeated what the CAG has said in his report. The reports are available online. Please go through them and satisfy yourself.
    'Real knowledge is to know the extent of one's ignorance' - Confucious.

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