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    What will happen in that situation?

    Just imagine if everyone on the Earth gets equally intelligent and knowledgeable and comes forward to claim the candidate-ship for all the coveted positions which is the privilege of the few today.

    This is an conjectural and imaginary thinking, but if it comes true, it will have certain implication for the society where we live.

    Just for fun, can we think what will happen in that situation. What are the things we can expect and what will be the major changes that will automatically come with it?

    Please give your comments on this.
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    You spoke about equal intelligence and knowledge, but not about the equal ego of the people on this earth. If there is no ego, the earth will survive with good understanding, patience and tolerance. If all have an equal ego, then there will be a big endless fight on this earth.
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    This imaginary situation will be harmful as when everyone will become intelligent than who will do the jobs which don't require intelligence or vice versa. As for anything we require a mixture of people and in this situation, there will be a problem. Manpower which is required for the lower jobs will reduce or manpower cost will increase drastically if they are taken up by the intellectual people. I have always noticed that people who are not intelligent take up small jobs like a barber, Carpenter etc as they don't require intelligence but skill. So in the situation mentioned by the author, these jobs will not be fulfilled and we will have to strive hard to find such people.

    Its good that God has not creates people with the same brain maybe He knew the consequences of the same.


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    If such a thing happens then the competition will become more tougher than today and academic and knowledge based competetions will be selecting the people at the topmost position and the next nearest equals will be disqualified.

    It will be a fearful situation. There will be fighting everywhere and every one will like to become leader rather than to follow someone.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    If everyone is intelligent the survival would be difficult even for those knowledgeable and intelligent people. People with all the coveted position can't be able to work without help from their assistants doesn't matter how intelligent they are.
    People at lower strata are equally important for the existence of this universe, it is to keep the balance. People are as caretaker of each other, poor farmer is ill, doctors prescribe medicine. Farmer sweats in the field to provide food to all including the doctor. Supposedly, If everyone is a doctor who will they treat? And if everyone is a farmer who will treat? Some need to be farmers, some doctors and others dealing with different fields.
    We can't live only with intelligent and knowledgeable people, some must be average people to keep the balance of this world.

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    I have a little difference of opinion on this subject. All people will not be good in all subjects and all places. But no one is without intelligence here. Because of the family background and financial constraints some people may not be coming up in life. We can't say they are not intelligent.
    Many people will definitely rise to the situation if they really want to be successful. But different people will have different perceptions. Some people like to be a doctor and some may prefer an engineering course. But some may prefer graduation in some other subject. We can't say that all these people who are going for graduation are not intelligent. They might not have worked so hard to get selected or they might have an interest in doing the graduation. In this world, nothing is impossible for anybody if they really want that and if they really and sincerely work for what they have aimed.

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