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    Have you been trapped during a fire?

    Just now I was reading the horrible news of a hotel fire in Delhi, which has caused the death of 17 people. Hope none of your loved ones were victims.

    Why is it that only when there is a fire that owners of the premises and authorities wake up to the fact that escape routes are cut off or that there are insufficient fire-fighting facilities on the premises?

    Have anyone been unfortunate to be trapped in a fire? How did you deal with it?
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    No. I never trapped in a fire. But I was in a building in which there was an explosion. That day my experience was terrific. Those days I was working in an explosive manufacturing plant as Quality Control Manager.
    There were people to test the product who was very well trained and qualified. I was with my chemist who was doing some analytical work in the adjacent room. Two testing persons were there. There was a discussion it seems between these two. One person is just taking out the detonator from the safety box while talking to the other person. By mistake that detonator while lifting hit a hard surface and there was a detonation. There were about 50 nos of detonators which were also exploded due to sympathetic detonation. The boy got injured severely and the walls collapsed. Luckily nothing happened to the room in which I was there. I came out and brought the injured person out. Timely first aid was given and sent to the doctor. Thank God, the person survived. That whole night I was standing near the hospital till the doctor declared that the person is safe. I couldn't forget that incident in my lifetime.

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    So sad to hear that. Recently an exhibition in Hyderabad got caught in fire due to a short circuit and a heavy loss of property happened. Fire accidents can be much more destructive than any other accidents. The rising smoke suffocates, the flames try to singe you and the falling rubble can cause heavy causalities. I am glad and lucky that I never got involved in any fire related mishaps.

    Despite being warned, we instinctively pour water on the fire victim. That is not correct. We must put out fire with a blanket. Cutting oxygen is the smartest way to stop fire.

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    Life is full of incidences sometimes good sometimes unfortunate ones also. I have experienced the fire two times in my life.

    The first one was when I was in my class VII studying in a then remote place in Uttarakhand. My father did not have a house at that time and we were residing in a 2 room and kitchen set in the main market. At that time most of the houses were wooden and slate roofs or tin roofs. The houses were connected to each other on the both sides of the market and the road was hardly 15-18 feet wide.

    There were many kirana (provision) stores in that market and due to kerosene spilling in one of the shops there was a fire. It was evening time and we were waiting for our father to return from office. As the fire was on the opposite side we were feeling a bit safe but within half an hour the fire enlarged with bigger flames and the opposite side market started to burn like a dry wood and soon the paint on our doors and windows started heating up.

    By that time my father came and as advised by other people we prepared to vacate. We could hardly take a few items with us like some mother's jewellery and bank passbook and some small but costly items like transistor radio and a torch. My father took a bed roll with him and gave us some small items of clothing to hold.

    By the time we vacated the house from the back stairs our side was also on fire. At that time there was no facility of fire extinguishers there and people were trying to put off the fire by throwing sand and water on it but it did not help as the fire was raging like hell. The whole market was gutted in the fire and there were a few casualties and big loss of property.

    For 10-12 days we remained in a shelter home and then shifted to a house far from the market. I still remember my small polished cute wooden table and chair which was purchased for me by my father. My mother remembers the Fenugreek Laddoos (sweets) which she had prepared a day before only.

    The second fire happened last year, in the night, due to electrical fault, in one of the ground shop of the multi-storeyed tower in which I am residing presently. But within a few minutes the fire extinguishers reached the spot and put off the fire. It was done in such a professional way that only that shop was gutted and no loss occurred to any other shop or material nearby. It took about 3-4 hours and I saw the whole operation standing on the road outside.

    Fire is a frightening thing. I always fear it.

    For two days we stayed in a

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    Luckily, I never got trapped or encountered any major fire accident. Once, in my house, I put my emergency light on charge and slept. The emergency light was kept on top of a four rack wooden box. It was about 2 a.m. My wife shouted, "Ennanga, something is burning." I woke up and saw my emergency light burning. I rushed to the main junction box and put off the power supply. Then I brought a bucket of water and extinguished the fire. Luckily, the top portion of the wooden rack got burnt. Due to thick black smoke, the walls spoiled. We thanked God. I patted my good wife for her timely alert.

    My emergency light and wooden rack became unserviceable, and I incurred an expenditure of Rs. 2000/- to paint the whole room.

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    I am fortunate that I had never been trapped in any fire incident. It's really sad that when such incidence occurs our eyes open and then we think of safety hazards and rules being followed up.

    Union minister said on this incident that emergency exit was shut and was narrow but that's very sad, after losing lives of 17 people, we are now analysing the causes of the same. Why there is no periodic inspection of safety hazards and equipment and are not fined if the rules are not being followed up. I remember an infamous fire incident happened in Delhi in Uphaar cinema where several people were bunt and lost their lives several years ago. At that time also it was said that proper safety systems should be there at the public places but it was never followed by the people. No doubt people are more aware unlike they used to be in the past but still there need an improvement in the same and strict rules need to be enforced.


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    God forbid.

    Prayers that let such things not happen to anyone anywhere.

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    I was on a visit to Hyderabad on 30th and 31st Jan., this year. There is an Annual All India Industrial and Handicrafts exhibition, the 76th one which is held every year from 1st Jan -15 Feb. It is a mega event in Hyderabad and we used to enjoy the season till 2005 during my stay there and left for Pune. So, I was enthusiastic to recollect my old memories and wanted to visit the exhibition ground at Nampally. My friends suggested not to venture because of my right foot injury a couple of months back. Without intimating anyone I left for the spot with my other friend who reluctantly joined me. From 7 P.M to 8.25 PM on 30th evening, we were on rounds, when the fire broke out suddenly in one of the Pista shops and people started running towards the exit gates. I couldn't move fast and people were pushing each other to get out fast. Somehow we managed to come out and took the entry gate of the Gandhibhavan Metro station adjacent to it, instead of waiting for our car. From the Platform, we could see the huge fire, meantime the train arrived and we got into it. The real tension I could realize was when everyone started on calling me to know whether I was safe or did I skipped the visit. Some others came to know about this as the driver passed on the message about the fire accident and our non-availability. We returned to our Guest House at 10 40 PM and wondered to watch the live visuals of Fire accident and the failure of the Govt. machinery to control it even after more than two hours, at a place which is the heart of the city of Hyderabad. Luckily, no casualties were there except loss of property of the shop owners.

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