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    Is it wrong to be a little selfish in life?

    If we observe the society deeply, one factor is very strongly prevalent in it. Not all, but most of the families are burdening one or two family members for every duty while others are enjoying their lives freely. It is not about financial side only, but shouldering day to day duties are also ignored by most of the members especially talking about the established younger generation.

    In such a situation those who take up responsibilities get overburdened and have no personal life because of serving everyone's expectations, they lose their life's precious present moment. Our religious scriptures say that one who fulfils every duty receives blessings and in return they lead a happy life. Is it a fact?

    I notice that those who do superficial duties and enjoy every bit of their personal life are the happiest of all. Those who sincerely perform every duty are the most burdened lot. Even those who are regularly taken care of are never fully satisfied and happy. They continuously complain about something or the other.

    So, what a person should be in life, a little selfish or completely ignore self-desires and be dutiful?
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    Selfishness is a natural trait of humans. Some people may be more selfish while others may be less. It is difficult to imagine a person devoid of selfishness.

    In a democratic setup the selfishness converts in resistance to work and in not following the law of the land because until unless there is a motivational factor quenching the selfishness of a person, he does not budge to work. This may appear strange but it is happening in the society today.

    Most of the people are only doing something when there is something in it for themselves otherwise they will pass on it to someone else who is dutiful and not so selfish. The selfish people do not think beyond themselves.

    Recently in the budget announcements everyone was busy in seeing what was the sop given to the people in one's category. No one is bothered to see how much revenue Govt is losing or gaining after those concessions.

    It is in fact the lack of discipline and governance in our system that such selfish people are flourishing.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Anything in moderation and under control can be good or less harmful.
    For self progress, a little selfishness is needed. By that it does not mean a negativity or harming or denying others their role and place by dubious means. For example it should be the selfish and strong will of every student that he should be a top scorer. For that he should study well, work hard with that aim. That is only a positive selfishness. Similarly working hard to achieve the given targets in the job is also a positive selfishness. But to attain that if someone indulges in depreciating colleagues or spreading lies and rumours about competing colleagues etc cannot be approved as positive.

    I am one who believes that not just goal but means also should be right. Then selfishness can bring progress and positivity.

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    I also agree that selfishness which harms others or society or our country is unwarranted. In those cases it is a vice and requires to be tackled for transformation.

    A minimal amount of selfishness which does not harm anyone is present in all of us and that is only a part of our personality.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    That's a fact which the author has raised that the people who dont take responsibilities of others are the happiest ones. But in life we have ro take care of others also like when our parents grow old we have to look after them that's what the society expects from us and we should do it. Although we may get overburdened yet that's for sure we get some sort of happiness in it that we are taking care of the ones who have made us so that we may take care of them.

    It's true that we cannot make everyone happy and we cannot fulfil all their desires but still we should make every effort to support them. We get blessings from them. Its how we teach our kids to be social in this selfish world.

    Sometimes we have to be selfish as have to think about ourself also but again it's all about life and we have to sacrifice things for others. If everyone become selfish then this world will become hell to live.


    " It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not" ... Andre Gide

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    That all depends on the individual. Some people even though they suffer they feel happy in helping others. They get pleasure out of doing that. So one need not think that the people who are taking responsibilities will suffer. But it is true that the people expect more from a person who is ready to help them.They can't expect anything from the persons who never care them.

    In a common family I have seen some persons enjoy and some will suffer. This type of differences are only making the families to suffer and get separated. If all share responsibilities then the family will be the happiest family. This is the main reason for small families these days.

    One should always think about himself. If he is there only he can serve others. If he himself gets sick. No chance for him to serve others. So one should be a little selfish and keep himself fit and Happy always.

    always confident

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    It is not about how much of a duty an individual performs. It is all about how much of it is selflessly carried out. Imagine a lady who is dedicating two hours of her day to perform household chores. However, she is carrying out her act just for the sake of doing it. Her heart is not in her work. Thus, it is superficial. Right from the beginning, she will feel burdened. She will feel tired and restless by the end of two hours.

    Now, imagine another lady who is spending her entire day in household chores. She enjoys and does not feel like a burden. She is happy in serving others. Even after the end of the day, she will not feel tired or burdened.

    My point is that only those individuals who are doing superficial work will measure their level of assigned work with others. They often complain that they are performing more than the rest. Whereas others enjoy doing more chores as it is more of a service to them.

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