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    If God appears on the sky in some form, what language would He speak?

    If God appears on the sky in some form, to be visible to all like the sun or moon, and if he wishes to convey His message to the people of this world,
    1. What would be the language used by Him?
    2. Write a short creative message from God (100 words)
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    Gandhiji had said that even God has to appear in front of a hungry man only in the form of food.

    So the acceptability and acknowledgement of God by man can happen only if He appears in the form of a healing or comforting solution of the praying or suffering person. In case of profit seeking business men and power seeking politicians God has to be very careful, otherwise He also may be hijacked and taken to some remote resort and coerced until He sides with them.

    (Rider:This is my creative note for the post and has to be taken as such only )

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    A very interesting question. Same as asking what religion does God belong to I guess.
    Maybe he would speak in a language none of us understands. That would explain why our prayers never got to him. That explains our unfulfilled wishes and all the bad things in our life.

    God's message deciphered in English might be something like this:
    Believe in yourself before you believe in me. There is nothing that you can't do that I can do. Stop looking skyward every time and start looking forward. Your destiny awaits.

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    He would speak in the language we know. He is God so He knows every language.

    His message will be: Why you all differentiate among yourself when I have made you all same. Why you have made the caste system when I dont believe in it?. Why you all discriminate on the basis of colour when I have made you all differently because of people of the same colour dont look good in this world.


    " It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not" ... Andre Gide

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    A nice conceptual imagination. God may or may not be there but if He happens to look upon us from the sky He might directly communicate with us just with our mind waves as the Almighty is well capable of talking to us internally.

    He will definitely warn us to stop our fights between the races and countries and tell us to have a peaceful coexistence on this Earth failing which He might take punitive actions.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    According to my understanding, God will be in His own form, but visible to the people in a form they think.
    To a Christian, God will be in the form of Jesus
    To a Muslim, God will be in the form of Nabi Nayagam
    To a Parsi, God will be in the form of Agni.
    To a Hindu in Maharashtra, He will be in the form of Ganesh
    In Tamilnadu, He will be in the form of Karthikeya
    In Bengal, She will be in the form of Durga
    In AP, He will be in the form of Vishnu
    In Kerala, He will be in the form of Ayyappa,
    In Punjab, He will be in the form of Guru Nanak.

    God will speak in His own language (we don't know) but will be received by all and decyphered into their respective mother-tongue.

    God's message would be:
    " Oh My beloved people, When I am one, why do you think me and worship me in different forms and fight between you on the name of religions. I live in the heart of all the creatures I created. I belong to no religion. You need not visit temple, church and mosque to offer your prayers. Just sit for a minute and chant the name of your parents who brought you to this world. More than me, your parents are your own first God. Respect them and care them till last. After your death, you will reach me to embrace you."

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    An interesting post by the author visualising God appearing and giving us the message. I fully agree that as God is omnipresent and knows everything about us so if He appears it is only to bring us on the righteous path of kindness and being good in our life.

    He will be telling us to change our evil ways and try to make the relations between the countries and different sections a comfortable one and then only the humanity will evolve to a divine form where there will be no injustice and cruelty to the poor and down trodden.

    Knowledge is power.

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    God can speak any language. He knows all the languages that are prevailing in the entire universe. He can understand your language easily. So I feel it is better if we speak to him in the language in which we will be very comfortable so that we can convey our thoughts clearly to him. Then there will not be any chance for the communication gap.
    However, I feel we need not speak any language with God. He will get all the information even though he is not appearing to us. So if he is appearing in the sky we need not talk to him but enjoy by seeing him. He will appear very rarely and we should utilise that chance. You can convey your wishes afterwards in absentia also.
    So if God really appears let us not think about talking to him but let us have a view of him and enjoy.

    always confident

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