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    Do not depend on others every time. It may become your habit.

    You are now looking after a project that requires the involvement of a lot of persons. It is a tough one and you know it will take a lot of time to complete the job. You do not have a fair idea about all the sections and thus dependent on various persons to carry out the job on each section. This is teamwork and the project is completed after the sincere efforts of all those involved in the work.

    Though when you are working on an important job it is always better to have a fair idea about all the portions, every time it may not be possible on your part. In every situation of our lives, we are dependent on others. Whether it is in our office, business or home we are somewhat dependent. In the office, mostly there will be a backup so if somebody is absent, the job can be done by another. But if there is no backup available, you cannot keep the important task on hold and at times may have to act yourself to complete the task. At home also, if you are dependent on a person to carry out an important job you need to think of an alternative if that person is not available. There are many jobs at home as well as in your workplace that you can do yourself without depending on others.

    Without waiting for the peon to give you the important printout, you can easily collect it from the printer which is just a few steps away outside your room. You can easily reheat your food or beverage without waiting for your servant or any other family member.

    List out the things that you can do easily but are always done by others on your behalf at your home or office. Do it yourself, otherwise, this will become a habit and you will remain dependent on others in every sphere of life.
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    A good thought by the author. We should as far as possible do things as per the available means and knowledge with us and should not ask the help of others.

    There are some people who will ask the help of others even in small matters and then it becomes a laughable proposition sometimes.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    It is a very well-written post by the author on a thought-provoking concept. These days we proudly claim that we are self-dependent. Although it may superficially look like that as we are earning our livelihood. However, deep within we all know that we are so much dependent on others for everything.

    There are lots of things on which we are dependent on others and that too for no reason. The only reason I feel is that we have made it a habit. Since someone else is doing the work for us from a long period of time, we now have become lazy to carry out on our own.

    Household chores, in particular, are where we can see our dependency. We can make our own bed, get ready on our own, warm the food and serve the plate by ourselves but still, we need the help of others to carry out these little things.

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    Depending on others and not doing your job by yourself can definitely make you dependent on others. We should avoid depending on others and do our own work without taking help from others. Only handicapped can seek help from others more often. Avoid depending on others and don't just look like a spectator all the time. Do your own work where ever you are- in office, at the home, in the volunteer work that you may be doing sometimes.
    Staying idle develops many abnormalities in health and, to be healthy, we need to be actively doing our own work without any bodies help.
    Motionless body is like a dead, so always keep rolling!

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    It is a very good suggestion from the author. It is true also. But there is a small problem with this. Small issues like taking a print out without depending on others is OK. But there are certain technical issues which can't be handled by a single person. There we should depend on a man qualified in that line. For example, a mechanical engineer doing a project in which some chemistry is involved can't learn chemistry but definitely, has to depend on the man who is looking that specialisation.
    Whatever we have to do is to be done by us. For that, we should not depend on somebody else. If somebody is intentionally trying to play a game we should be able to do that work on our own. Then only we can lead the team correctly and get the work extracted from others properly.
    It is always advisable to whatever we can do on our own by ourselves. Even in the house also if we will do certain works which will give some relief to our better half we will have a pleasant life definitely.

    always confident

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    I never like to be dependent on anyone for my work either it is in the office or at home. I remember once in my childhood my parents had to go in an emergency to one of our relatives. They talked to our neighbours to take care of ours. But those two days were very tough as we had to wait for lunch and dinner for our neighbours to deliver. Once I and my brother were hungry and we planned to prepare dinner of our own and we made it successfully. That day I released that we should not depend on others for the things which we can do.

    Similarly, in offices, we should not be dependent on a single person for a specific work but we should have multiskilled people who may take over the work in case of absenteeism of any person. We should not let the work suffered due to ro any person.


    " It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not" ... Andre Gide

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