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    Do you listen to the Radio?

    Today is the world Radio day. Radio was a popular gadget for a long time and people used it for hearing news, listening songs, dramas and other programs.

    It was a very powerful medium but with the advent of TV and now the smartphone technology, Radio has gone in the back burner.

    Still some people listen to Radio. I am one of them. It is very useful for the senior people as it requires only hearing and does not strain the eyes.

    Do you have a Radio? Do you listen to it?
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    Yes, Radio was one of the main gadgets uses for the entertainment in the past but with the introduction of TV, it has become obsolete. I remember the days when we used to wait for the programs like Binaca geet mala eagerly. Now those days have gone and we can listen to songs of anytime four choices on the internet on youtube. I still listen to the radio when I am driving my car that's the only time I listen to the radio these days. Apart from I used to listen to the radio at night when I used to sleep, it feels nice to listen to gossips of RJs and old melodious songs. But yes it's true the days of radio has gone.

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    I hear FM Radio regularly. I used to travel minimum 3 hours in a car almost for the last 25 years. During this period I keep FM radio on in my car and love hearing songs. FM Hyderabad always plays old songs and melody songs. I always hear those songs. I got accustomed to this habit. So even I am in house I will switch on my Radio and spend time hearing the songs.
    During my student days Radiois the only way of entertainment. We don't have TVs those days. We used to keep a transistor in our hostel room and keep hearing Radio. Especially Cricket commentary was very good.

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    A very happy World Radio Day to everyone. It is a fact that radio is more than 100 years old but it was in the year 2012 that the world radio day's first celebration took place. It was a popular way to obtain information and spread education to masses. It especially helped in educating people living in rural areas. Lots of topics were discussed which included farmers, youths, education. The list was never-ending. The information saved many lives during natural disasters by warning them beforehand. Songs played were soothing to the ears and everyone would curiously wait for them.

    With the introduction of television, it took a backseat. Now, with the smartphones and other gadgets in demand, television has taken a back seat whereas radio has lost its significance to a great extent. Moreover, the programmes on the radio then and now are very different. Hope the golden era comes back where radio rules the other mediums.

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    Though we have so many new advanced gadgets in contemporary times we can't deny the importance of radio. This is such a great companion that I often switch to the radio to listen to my favorite programmes.
    I am more attached to the radio because we often face internet ban in the valley when we are virtually cut from the rest of the world, radio became our main source of information.
    We have great programs coming from our radio station.
    But the irony is for keeping the radio in your home you had to get permission from authorities during 90s thought it is not the same today.
    Radio is a great piece of entertainment. Radio keep playing all day and provides you with a great companion.

    Listen to the radio and share the joy!

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