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    Not a single institution has been spared.

    I don't know about how & when these all started but this doesn't seems to be ok when almost nothing has been spared including that of jurisdiction, the army & the election commission. Even the constituently elected PM has been deliberately insulted through various comments but still many of us feel that we have lost the freedom of speech. In addition, we all aware of about what happened to the CBI officials in WB when the same was taken into the custody by the local police & it is only after the interference of the SC that the CBI got the free hand for probe into Sharda scam which led to the looting of the lacs of investors.

    Do we have any understanding about who in actual is responsible for these nuisances or in another ways we have become so mean & cheap that we are not able to understand this all in a bigger picture and led to believe that this can't be true with the scenario that we have our own propagandas to be taken care of?
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    The problem today in our country is that once a leader gets public support and elected to a position, he forgets what for he is elected and what he has to do for the progress of the country.

    His concentration remains for his own ego and in that he sometimes becomes so partial and blind that he thinks he is supreme and starts enacting his own legislature instead of following the conventional wisdom.

    This is really a pathetic state and if such leaders are elected by public then what we can say about the development and progress.

    Knowledge is power.

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    The Congress party ruled the country since independence. They started destroying/undermining the institutions since 1959 when the elected Communist Government under EMS was dismissed by Indira Gandhi and Nehru. This continued till 2014.

    Now, the present set of leaders of that party are ridiculously blaming BJP for destroying the democratic institutions and their journalist and intellectual 'bhakts' are seconding them.

    Come on, have a fight. Don't shoot and scoot.

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    As long as the politicians will have an upper hand the things will be like this only. This is not new today. It has started from day 1 of independent India. The rulers used everything for their advantage and made amendments as they like. Even the university Vice Chancellors are appointed based on their political affiliations rather than their scholarly achievements.
    State governments will think that all the institutions under them should support their party. The central government will take advantage of the institutions under them. Politicians will forget what they have done when they were in power and start blaming the present government for the same issues. Again if they come to power they will repeat the same mistakes.
    In Hindu pilgrim centres the state governments are appointing other religion politicians as trustees and that is leading to many problems. Thus these politicians are not leaving God also.

    always confident

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