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    I am back after a long time due to badly injured in a road accident

    Dear members, How are you? I am back after almost one month as I have faced a serious road accident on the day of Makar Sankranti. My 10 years old son was with me. But by the grace of Allah and the Dua of all the members, I have recovered and now able to type on my laptop. There are five fractures in my body. Two ribs, both the shoulders and right hand are fractured. My son had mild hemorrhage and now he is fine. My vocal cords are also damaged.

    I have missed this site very much. I tried to surf the site once every day but couldn't type the words.
    Now I am back and ready to contribute as much as possible.
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    Very bad to know that you met with an accident and had multiple fractures. Thank God. You are back to normal. Your good deeds only saved you and it is a rebirth to you. We missed you a lot and I am happy that you are back. Take rest and follow the instructions given by the Doctor. I am happy to note that your son also is fine now. I wish you all the best and look forward to seeing your activities on ISC as usual. How the accident happened. Is it a road accident while driving?
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    Hello friend. I am sad that you met a severe accident and had multiple fractures and also your son was severely injured. But at the same time, I am happy that with the grace of almighty you are safe and have recovered now and planning to be active on this site. I would say if you are not fully recovered then you should not give stress to your body by typing on your laptop but should take bed rest till you dont recover fully. Health is first then comes anything so take medicines on time. Take care of yourself and your son.

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    Very sorry to note that one of our good ISCian met with a road accident. And very happy to note that he has recovered and returned to ISC to resume his work. It is very true that by the grace of the Almighty Lord, you and your son escaped from the accident with multiple fractures and injury. Such things should not happen in future. Please take care of yourself while riding or driving. May God bless.
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    I am feeling bad hearing about the news of your accident. Wishing you a very speedy recovery.
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    I am sorry to hear about your accident and thankful to almighty that you are safe now and recovering. I wish you all the best to your son as well. Please take care of your son.
    I am looking forward to some valuable opinion
    from you on ISC.

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    Sorry to hear that. Hope you come back to your full potential soon. Being a regular member, your absence was so conspicuous.

    Take care and hope you are observing the routine physiotherapy which is generally advised after such incidents.

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    Very sorry to hear that you had met with an accident and was bedridden for more than a month. Happy to see you are now back, though not fully recovered from the injuries. Let me wish total recovery soon and actively participate in these discussion forums and other related postings. Regards.

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    I am sorry to hear that you and your son met with a bad road accident and had to suffer so much. The good news is that both of you are safe and sound and recovering. God bless you with health and hope to see you fully recovered contributing to ISC as much as previous times.

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    Hakimuddin Kuwakhedawala,

    We missed you, too. I am very shocked to read this and feel sorry that you had a really bad accident. By God's good grace, you and your son have got through this horrific ordeal. Please don't exert yourself too much in trying to contribute to ISC. Working on gadgets for long periods of time is as it is harmful and with your injuries, you should take extra care of your hands especially. ISC is going nowhere. You are one of us and we'll always be here for you to welcome you back. May good health be with you and your son, spurring a full recovery.

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    We all wish for your early recovery and hope you will be as active in ISC as earlier. Sometimes these incidents put a break in our activities but once we are out of that phase the with the grace of Almighty we swing back in to action. All the best.
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    I am shocked to hear such a bad phase through which you passed recently and still you are on the recovery - stage. Your son, too, was affected in that tragic accident. The best part is that you have the positive approach towards life as is evident from your response appearing in this column.
    Take consultation with the doctor so both you and your son recovers quickly.

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    I am really shocked after hearing this, but God is there with all of us and by God's grace both you and your son are doing fine now. We all missed your wonderful posts.

    Take care of yourself and your son's health first. It's essential and please do follow the doctor's advice. Maybe you have to consult a physiotherapist as a part of the rehabilitation programme and by following all the instructions and necessary exercises you will be completely fit within a couple of weeks. Now carry out the activities that you feel comfortable with and don't strain yourself. Wish you a complete recovery at the earliest.


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    Dear Sir it was so sad to hear the news. Please do be very careful and take all precautions during any travel. Please do not travel by any private car, more so, at night. The private omni buses are far better.

    In any case, till you and your son become perfectly alright, never ever travel at all. It is nice to see you back here. You are most welcome back. Shall pray to God that you are always fine.

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    I hope you will recover your health and live your life at best. Thanks to God who gave and saved your life.

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    My Goodness! Though first shocked to read about your accident, I felt relived that you are now recovering and slowly coming back to routine. Thank God.

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    The accident seems to be a major one from your description. By the grace of God, you and your son are saved. Wish you and your son a speedy recovery.
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    Hakimmuddin, no wonder you were missing from ISC. It is evident from your narration that it was a major accident. I suggest you take sufficient rest and recover at the earliest. Hope your son is keeping fine. Take care and get well soon!
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    I am glad that you and your son are fine. Hope you recover completely and soon. Will keep you and yours in my prayers.
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    Thank you very much all of you and now I am feeling much better. My son is totally all right and he has appeared in his annual examination.
    Thanks for your prayer and due to your prayer I recovered very soon.

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