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    OMG! What did he wish!

    His son has joined hand with his bitter enemy. His son has been running from Kolkata to Delhi via Lucknow to form a hotchpotch coalition. His one-time friend has been mentioning Bofors instead of Rafale, and assembled people are enjoying. His friend and relative (by marriage) has been spending time in jail and jail hospital. His contemporaries are literally fighting for bare survival.

    Under these circumstances, he did not utter a single word against the Prime Minister. He did not speak a single sentence in support of his long-time colleagues. Instead, in his last speech, this veteran leader wished Narendra Modi best of luck in his endeavour to become the Prime Minister for the second time.

    OMG! What did Mulayam Singh Yadav wish!
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    It is awakening and awareness at the dusk time. It happens when political aspirations are extinguishing due to circumstantial compulsions.

    Some people, though in opposition, will acknowledge the virtuous and graceful leaders of the ruling party. That is a good sign and in fact it is only adding to the reputation of the graceful leader and also to that of the comment maker.

    The experienced leaders use this technique in times of need to impress the public at large with their supposedly good intentions.

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    In his last speech in this Parliament wished all the best to all the MPs and he wanted every one of them to get elected again as MPs. He also wished that present PM should win elections again and become PM again. As it is the last day of the parliament for the present and the next parliament meeting will be with the newly elected MPs only. Keeping that in mind probably out of good gesture he has done it keeping the differences apart.
    PM Narendra Modi also in his final speech praised an MP of TDP from Andhra Pradesh for his different get-ups during Parliament sessions. I think these are all informal only keeping the difference aside for the time being.

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    I think this was only a gentle gesture from the veteran leader Mulayam Singh something like exchanging pleasantries among themselves. It does not have a serious connotation though politically aware people may interpret this in their own ways.
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    This is a nice gesture on the last day of this session in parliament. Mr Mulayam Singh Yadav is mature enough and this wish is to make others feel that he is cooperative enough when the entire opposition is up in arms against the present government.

    If everybody behaves in a combative mode even on the last day of the session then the image of the opposition will be lowered. Keeping this in mind and as the father of a person who is instrumental in forging an alliance with the BSP to make the situation tough for the BJP in UP this gesture has many things to indicate.


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    It could be an indirect criticism by wishing good to the present government. Who knows the real mindset of Mr. MS Yadav? It is difficult to read the real face of any politician. He is like Sahadev of Pandavas who gave the date to Kauravas to commence the war and emerge victoriously. A good and gentle gesture showed by Mulayam Singh Yadav. I like the way he did it.
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    It can either be taken just as a courtesy gesture of best wishes in such farewell meeting, or it can be taken as a cue and signal to the BJP about some possibilities.
    Anyway Mulayam now needs some political support and rehabilitation for obvious reasons. He has just made a provision for that.

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