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    What is the definition of "Anti-Indian?"

    There is this one rather irritable and irresponsible fellow called H Raja. He is supposed to hold some big post in the BJP party. Yet, his loud noises would simply take away several thousands of votes for the BJP which is the most hated party in Tamil Nadu, for several reasons.

    Well, this character, whose intellect would just not allow any criticism, always has the habit of branding any opponent as "anti-Indian". He comes up with atrocious stories of how the Hindus are treated badly in Tamil Nadu. He should remember that except for any isolated incident, the communal peace in Tamil Nadu cannot be disturbed at all. People of all religions live in absolute peace. The likes of H Raja should go to the street and see how Sikhs speak Tamil even better than those from Chennai, and live in absolute peace not only in Chennai but elsewhere too.

    The contribution of various religions to peace in Tamil Nadu is top class. This is precisely why this gentleman 's rattle about even the Supreme Court did not cut any ice. His irrational rattling is sought to be justified by the State Chief, called Tamilisai. This lady talks absolute trash everyday. She is Nick named Dulmilisai in Tamil Nadu.

    Now, who is supposed to be "anti-Indian"? There are so many Members who seem to be sold on the divisive agenda of the ruling dispensation. Let them please clarify.
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    Any persons whose actions and speech are harmful or having potential of adversely affecting our sovereignty is anti Indian or anti national element.

    Some examples of anti national actions are terrorism, destroying public property, to give sensitive information to enemies, giving provocative speeches against our constitution, attempt of coup d'tat, taking bribe in high places to favour international or national businessmen, allowing enemies to attack us and capture our land and many similar sinister acts. All these actions threat the stability of the country and any one who is resorting to these misdeeds are termed as anti national and required to be sternly punished.

    In China, they simply shoot down the anti national elements in the disguise of encounter. There is no court case or litigation. That is a real communist country. They are not pseudo communists.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Let us not talk about a guy like H Raja. He is the first Anti-Indian. He talks rubbish and supported by the top leader of BJP in TN. People in our country, irrespective of their religion live in peace and harmony. No religion hates the other religion. It is people like H.Raja who hates the other religion and create a problem in our country. BJP should shunt this guy first if they want BJP to have a place in Tamilnadu politics.
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    Mainly Politicians are only responsible for creating differences among the people on the basis of religion and caste. They encourage this for their personal benefits. Otherwise, people will always live in harmony. They don't bother about the neighbour's caste or religion.
    I know BJP is not very strong in TN. May be due to People like this. He may be developing negative feelings among the people there. In fact BJP is not having any strength in South India. Local parties are having a big say here. So BJP should keep good leaders in these places and see that they will get strengthened.

    Even in AP also there are no good leaders in BJP. Venkaiah Naidu was very strong but now he is no more in party politics. They are depending leaders like Purandareswari who was in Congress earlier and even now her husband and son are in YSRCP party.

    I don't understand why BJP is not keeping an eye on South India and trying to get strong in this area of India also.

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    Some leaders in regional politics will keep the public engaged in their talks regarding hinduism or atrocities to them. These are actually gimmicks to create a fan following for oneself. This gives them leverage in achieving their political goals.
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