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    Let the Opposition have a common minimum program

    Even when most critics literally wrote off Rahul Gandhi, he has, of late being the Central focal point around which the entire Opposition is now trying to do something.

    The country needs a change. This particular ruling dispensation is for massive industrialization at the cost of agriculture. It has never been able to explain why jobs have not even increased. Even in organizations that are traditionally known for a very good welfare-oriented approach, we see the most atrocious NEEM scheme of the Central Government in place. This scheme allows some sort of on-the-job training of even tenth standard pass candidates. Why can't the Govt make it compulsory for the employers to give PF? Even this is not given. ESI is not given either. This sort of blatant exploitation goes on.

    The Congress and other opposition parties should evolve a common minimum program that takes away all the subsidies from the upper middle class and the rich and then come up with schemes to revive the small and medium industries closed after the disastrous demonetization.

    The country can be run by a Congress-led dispensation. . What is important is that one leader should emerge and he should have a clear Vision. The inequalities now apparent should go. The last-minute goodies given by the ruling dispensation have to continue but the new emphasis has to be given to training needs to boost real-time service sector employment. The PDS should be totally revamped to give benefits to the poor and the disadvantaged.

    Development should reach everyone. It should not be confined to the rich and super-rich.
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    Today Indian politics is at a crucial junction. The opposition is only uniting to remove the present regime otherwise they have fundamental differences within.

    So theoretically opposition should come with a common agenda and take up a challenge to give a better governance and progress if they get a chance to rule.

    But practical side is not matching with this proposition. They all are waiting for opportune moment to claim for their leadership. Otherwise the combine should first elect the leader and then follow him and fight with unity.

    A coalition where dishonesty is there since beginning can not become a strong team to fight with already established a comparatively high class ethical governance in the present regime.

    Knowledge is power.

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    The single point agenda for all these opposition party leaders is to remove Modi from the Prime Minister post and remove BJP from power. They don't have any eye on development of the country. PM is tightening the screws against corruption. These people are not able to digest that. Their ambition of making huge money will not be fulfilled if this man continues in power.
    Unfortunately Indian voters are also not remembering the problems they faced in earlier times when Congress was in power. They want free sops only. The present government is getting blamed unnecessarily saying that they are not encouraging agriculture. Do you think it was done by earlier governments. They have never focussed on agriculture or development. They concentrated on their personal development only.

    always confident

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    The common minimum programme of the so-called 'mahaganthbandhan' is to defeat BJP by hook or by crook. No one has any doubt about it. The leaders of the 'mahajot' also admit it openly.

    But the problem is that the common maximum programme of this coalition is also the same: Defeat Modi-led BJP. There is no other agenda point. There is no No. 2 or No. 3 in the agenda.

    Come on, have a fight. Don't shoot and scoot.

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    when winning is the only criterion then there is no guarantee that a good leader will emerge out of that contention.

    All the hue and cry will be till defeating the existing regime and after that the fight for power will showcase its ugliest forms in front of the common public who have voted for these winners whoever they are.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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