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    Which would be the best city for shifting India's capital

    Delhi was the most important city of North India since the tenth century. During the Pushtun rule and later during the Mughal period, it became the capital of India. It was the capital of India during the British period (except from 1764 to 1912). After independence, it has remained as the capital of India.

    Muhammad-bin-Tughlaq tried to shift the capital from Delhi to Daulatabad (Devgiri) but he was unsuccessful. But, Delhi has many problems. It is not centrally located. It has witnessed a population explosion and there are two states surrounding it. The weather is harsh both in summer and in winter. The city is very polluted.

    Now, let us engage in a hypothetical discussion. If it is decided to shift the capital from Delhi, what would be the most ideal city for the new capital? Members, kindly give your suggestion with reasons.

    Please remember that this is a hypothetical discussion. (You may call this thread as a product of my fertile brain.)

    Let us discuss.
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    I think Mumbai may be a better alternative. Mumbai and Pune are very near and both are well connected. In between these two place a suitable location can be selected for all government offices. Greater Mumbai we can call it and make it the Capital.
    Already very good airport is there and it is very well connected with many other countries and all important cities in the world. It is almost in middle India. So approach is not at all a problem. Climate is not that bad. Natural calamities are also not very high. There is no problem of snow in the morning.
    You will find good infrastructure and metro is available. Local trains are there and we may have to increase and extend the facilities.
    Of course, even though it is better than Delhi as far as pollution is concerned but still that problem is to be addressed. This problem is common to all the places in our country.

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    In a lighter note, if you want Gujarat model - Gandhinagar or Andhra model - Amaravati (Singapore model). We can't imagine India without Delhi as its capital. True, it has transformed into such a beautiful city as such we can't separate the two - India and its capital Delhi. Presently, the residents may be fed up with the smog, fog, and other environmental related issues. Changing the place of cap[ital won't serve the purpose. Say, we want to shift it to Mumbai. Then what about the flood situation during the rainy season? A Mumbaikar only know the real problem, isn't it? Bangalore - is it the right place today, when we compare it with the position of a decade ago?

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    Mumbai is not a ideal choice. Acute space crunch (much worse than Delhi), heavy rain, vicinity of the poorly protected coastline of the Arabian Sea (remember 26/11) and non-availability of space outside the city are the major factors behind voting against the city.

    Let it remain the commercial capital of the country.

    Other choices, please.

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    If at all we want to change then we should not have the capital in a metropolis. Metropolis is already developed. It does not require more crowding.

    We should search some remote place in Madhya Pradesh which is geographically a centre place for shifting the capital. This will also help a new area to develop quickly and the economy of that place and villages surrounding them will improve drastically. In fact it will pave way for creation of a metro city in that area.

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    Delhi has become congested and has developed many problems. It is in northern India and I think it should be shifted to central Indian state for better outreach of people.
    Delhi is highly polluted, so India deserve a better state as it's capital.

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    Location of Delhi is such that its best suited for being the capital of India. I cannot imagine any other city to be the capital of India. Maybe Britishers knew it thats why they shifted capital from Calcutta to Delhi. No doubt Delhi is overpopulated and polluted but still its the best choice. In the present scenario, the NCR area can be included in Delhi so that it can be a big city. Delhi being overpopulated it's a good city.

    Being the Capital of India, Delhi is the centre stage of all political activities. It is in Delhi where the political fortunes are made and the nation's destiny is written.

    Delhi had been the city of royal power then it became a centre of bureaucratic power and now emerging as an important place of corporate power too.

    I cannot imagine any other city to be the capital of India. It's a modern city and has a good infrastructure which cannot be matched up with any city.


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    Since technology has developed in all arenas of life, why not we think differently to have our Capital in a different location which no one will think off. I strongly recommend that our good capital of India should be located in Andaman and Nicobar Islands, a place to live in peace and silence.

    What is essentially required in our Capital City? Our Raj Bhavan, Parliament house, all our ministries, our Ministers and MPs residences. I think our government can function well with the communication facility available to us.

    Since each state has its own capital within their states, no harm if our country's capital is located in A&N Islands with high security by Indian Navy and Airforce.

    Members, please give a good thought to my typical proposal.

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    Shifting of capital is a peculiar proposal because the Govt bureaucracy will oppose it as the people settled in Delhi will see that it is not materialized.

    Anyway, assumption can be taken and then in that case a better place will be somewhere between Andhra Pradesh and Karnatake and that will be an equidistant place for most of the areas in our country.

    To solve the problem of Eastern region the Govt can have two months functioning in some place like Dimapur, Sibsagar or Dibrugarh so that some good infra structure is added there during these endeavors. This will bring those people in main stream and our leaders will also feel that they are in touch with that particular area. It will facilitate the good contact with Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur and Nagaland.

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    In election time, this proposal will not find many takers but we can always think of some alternative. I will prefer Kolkata to be the capital again. The reasons for my choice are:

    1. Kolkata was the capital long ago and a very old city.
    2. Though it is in the eastern region, it is well connected with all the cities.
    3. The weather is comfortable or a little cold during winter and not totally uncomfortable in summer.
    4. It was one of the most progressive cities long ago, but nowadays it is lagging far behind. The city must develop and that's why need to be in the middle of all political activities.

    and last but not least -

    5. Every opposition leader is looking at the activities of the CM of West Bengal to decide their next course of action. Kolkata is already in the hot seat, it will be more prominent if it becomes the next capital.


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    This thread is in no way related to politics. Kolkata will not be in the race because it has space problem. It can't be expanded east-west and it is also very near to the international border.
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    I don't think shifting the Capital from Delhi would be feasible. Let us not forget the Tuglaq ( no wonder his reforms are being remembered now) experiment. I suggest that we must maintain Delhi as the capital and sittings of the Lok Sabha be held at different State capitals from time to time.
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    Chandigarh is best city.

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    Ok. I want to advice against this obsession of putting capital in a central geographical location. I know how an equidistant capital is pretty convenient but capitals are based on resources and defenses than distance. Delhi was for 1000 years the capotal of India because:
    1. It was a city of trade and was of immense importance.
    2. It is guarded by mountains from north and east. In west there is a huge desert. In the south there were impregnable forests. Ghazni, Ghori and many others failed miserably for a long time to capture Delhi hence.
    3. Back when every province was a Rajputana, the most influential ones lied near Delhi, giving it the support.
    4. I feel Delhi is a buffer between ethinicities. Punjabi, Haryanvi, Bhojpuri, Maarwadi etc are all very very different communities that lived and are still living in and around Delhi. Delhi was a crossroad of these cultures. If it were stripped of its capital status a huge regional discrimination might take place.

    There are many other reasons too but these were the prominent ones. Yet, just for fun I would cunningly select Hyderabad. Hyderabad almost fulfills all the criteria an ideal capital should have. I would neglect a capital near sea as much as possible though its a highly profitable because it is risky. Invasions and calamities would plunder the capital. Hyderabad is in the center of South India. So people of North may not like it but Hyderabad has:
    1. Better climate and predictable rainfall
    2. More tourist revenue(isn't it one of the most visited cities)
    3. It is at a plateau offering advantageous defense strategy.
    4. It is well endowed with all kind of mineral and industrial resources.
    5. It is already habituated to a mashup of cultures as today we can see.
    6. The food here is amazing.

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    Actually Title is wrong. The Title of this should be "Which would be second best city for shifting capitals of India". India has it's best city as capital "Delhi". Also Our Government has developed this city to have world class infrastructure and Delhi is world class city.

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    Considering each and every factor, I feel that if a decision is taken to shift the capital from Delhi (it is purely hypothetical), Raipur, the capital of Chattisgarh, would be the most ideal choice.

    It is centrally located, weather is better than that of Delhi, good infrastructure is already available, local people are friendly and still simple. Further, adequate space is available for the rapid extension required for a new capital for the country, on both sides of the Raipur airport.

    This is my personal view.

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    Once I had heard of that the National capital could be shifted to Nagpur. There are few major reasons in support of this wherein this got the good infrastructure along with the most suited location because this is far from the target from the enmities nations & at the same time not heavily populated.

    This is a well-planned town too in every aspects.

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