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    If not heart, then what will be your ideal symbol of love?

    During Valentine's month, we happen to feel lots of love around us when compared to the other special months. But more than true love and affection, one common thing which we can frequently spot in the month of February is the materialistic usage of Heart symbol. When we go to malls or any shopping complexes, we can easily spot colorful decorations in the pattern of heart. Likewise, we can also locate heart symbols in chocolates, cakes, balloons, gifts, greeting cards, etc. Moreover, after the advent of social media, the colorful heart emojis were highly used to share love virtually.

    The heart symbol has a close association with love because apparently love is a strong emotional feeling which comes from the soul that is present in the heart and is eventually considered to be the universal symbol of love. But have you ever thought of an alternate symbol for love?

    The usage of heart symbol to represent love has become stereotypical. If you are given a chance to change the symbol of love other than the conventional heart symbol, then what symbol will you pick as your ideal symbol of love? Why?
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    A nice post by the author. I think if we want to replace this symbol then a good choice will be a flower or a bud. It can also be depicted in form of a small garland of flowers. Another option is a sparkling diamond, may be.
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    All of us know that "Love is blind". So, to indicate love, I would use the symbol of a blind man and a blind woman holding one another's hand.
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    A very interesting thread by the author. Now, especially in this month, love is in the air. The symbol of love, the heart, is flying like wi-fi signals. It may be a little difficult to answer what is true love or why people love only in this month, I am thinking of a new symbol. A smiley, that is a smiling face of a baby may be a good symbol. A child doesn't know how to hate. A child loves everybody and smiles but cries only if there is any discomfort.

    Well, I hope the present symbol of love is not facing an existential crisis. Or, is it!


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    Of course, I would the rose will be an ideal thing to express live for your loved one's. We often exchange flowers as gifts to people who are close to our heart.
    Exchanging flowers will transfer affection and love sounds will reverberate by giving a flower to our loved ones.

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    A good thought. Universally we all know that the heart is the symbol of love. Anywhere we see the symbol of love is heart only. Now we have to think of an alternative to this symbol. I think nothing will fill the gap if the heart is to be replaced. For loving the other person there are no specifications. A person may love another person. Why he is loving that person can't be understood by others. So love is unique. It is universal. So a globe with a man and woman holding each others hand will be a good symbol of love, I think.
    However, my first preference will be only the heart symbol for love.

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    I would prefer to have EYE as the symbol of love. Why because, we cannot get into love without an eye to eye contact. We all have heard about 'Love at first sight'. Eyes are the primary source of love than the heart. Can we love a person without seeing him/her. Love is blind, but our eyes are not blind. Eyes speak, eyes express emotions and feelings. Eyes laugh and also cry. Rest is self-explanatory.
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    A very interesting post by the author asking suggestion for the changing of sign for heart.

    I will go for a red rose not fully blossomed. It symbolizes the red colour of our blood and a resembling shape as that of heart.

    Anyway the symbol is only to indicate it and any symbol will be acceptable when it is in use for a long time.

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    Usually, for love, the symbol heart is the perfect symbol as love is linked with the heart.

    But apart from the heart, the Shell can be used as the shell with its hard casing inside which it protects pearls, symbolizes the protective aspect of love.

    Seashells were considered to be representative of regeneration by the Romans. The ancient Hindus had linked the conch shell by calling out to be love-filled hearts and awakening the hearts of the faithful.

    Americans have also used seashells to symbolize fertility and love.


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    I will choose a fish breathing air. That is what love is to me. The ability to breathe free. And also the ability to do the impossible. Ofcourse this isn't a symbol I can put as a merchandise. To be honest, except sea shells, diamond and rose, no other above mentioned symbols are viable as merchandise of love. But their creativity and thought was amazing. Even the heart that is so synonymous with love doesn't remotely resemble original human heart. Reason? Humans love symmetry. Symmetry is undeniably beautiful. The heart used for marketing is very symmetric. My fish breathing out is in some ways symmetric and in some ways not. Sea shells are not always symmetric. But their beautiful patterns are an advantage. Clams are a symbol of fertility and love, they are symmetric so I vote for clam as suggested by Sanjeev. Diamond is symmetry at its best but that could give love a materialistic face which we might not like. Roses are already a symbol of love. So my vote goes to either clam or conch.
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