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    No caste no religion certificate

    It is for the first time in India a lawyer from Vellore obtained a no caste no religion certificate. Generally, revenue authorities will issue caste certificate to people after verification in which the caste of the candidate will be mentioned. This is for the first time in India a lawyer from Vellore obtained the above-said certificate from the Tahsildar. She said that people with means should apply for such certificates so that economically weaker sections will get benefitted. This advocate lady struggled for nine years to get such a certificate, ultimately she obtained the same by overcoming many obstacles.

    This should be a beginning. All well to do people should get such certificates and should stop utilising the reservation facilities, so that, really deserving persons will get benefitted.
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    Very surprising information but in good taste. I think we should go for it. There are even some people who belong to backward class but do not take that benefit though such people are rare.
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    It should be an option given to all citizens of India. It is wise to say "No religion. No caste. I am a male/female human being" This will be the starting point to say bye bye to religion and caste. If we succeed, we will see a different India with no reservation, no upper caste or lower caste, no Hindu or Christian or Muslim.
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    There is no problem in showing your cast or religion it is your identity. The problem is with the thinking of the people. People brag irrationally against other people creating rift based on caste and religion which everyone should avoid.
    No religion, No caste can be a personal choice and nobody can force any one to adopt some particular caste or religion. Nobody has the right to do so!

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    It's a good initiative and if a lot of people apply for the same it will be beneficial for those who really need reservations. But what we see today is completely different. The case of the lawyer from Vellore is exceptional and there are a lot of well to do people applying for certain certificates to avail the reservation benefits.

    A lot of people are queuing up to get the required certificate to claim the PDS benefits though they do not require it. Most of them are helped by the politicians/local councillors because they need a support base. I think if the government incentivizes the scheme then there will be many takers of it. It's a very natural phenomenon that those who can afford will not avail any kind of benefits from the government. But it has become a common practice for people to look for benefits every time.

    This has to be stopped and there should be a proper mechanism to address this problem so that benefits reach those who are entitled.


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    It is a unique thing achieved by the contender. It will pave way now for the people who want to be above cast and creed and this will be a great option for eradicating the cast and creed confusions in a long run.

    It is not understood why it took so long to get a logical certification. May be the bureaucracy.

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    It is easy to say but difficult for people to stop using the benefits of reservation for caste.because they know that if they don't have the talent even then they will able to get selected for the job or can get admission in the prestigious college/course. This is an irony that the deserving candidates in India dont get the positions which they should get. It's been many years that the people have taken advantage of the reservation system which needs to revises now.

    It's great that this lawyer has done. If people change their mind then I think our country will progress more. I recommend why people should use the caste reservation certificate to hide that they are not as talented than others.


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