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    A unique wedding card setting a new trend.

    A 68-year-old man is arranging the marriage of his son. He got the wedding invitation cards printed and is busy inviting guests. This is a normal practice. Here in this particular case, the specialty of the wedding card is that the old man utilized this as a platform to urge the people to cast their votes for
    Modi. On the card, he has asked not to bring any gifts but requested everyone to vote for Modi and has said that it would be the biggest gift everyone can offer to the couple.

    A unique idea and we should appreciate the person for his novel idea. What do you say?
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    What a novel way to spread the message that we should vote to a party whose leader has the real guts and honest intention of developing the country and has a vision to make it a great power in the world. A devoted fan of Mr Modi of course.
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    He may be the fan of Mr Modi but I dont think people will do it. Most of the People have their own mind and cast vote as per their thinking. Me Modi has undoubtedly has done many good things in his tenure, therefore, people want him to be the prime minister once again but thats their own wish. He can be the prime minister once again when the majority of people cast vote to BJP.

    But thats very emotional thing this old man did to make his favourite party gets more vote. I am against such a thing because we should not bring such things at least for the happy occasion which is going to happen at his home soon. At least I would not have done so.


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    The good old man of 68 must be a Modi man. Most of his relatives and friends who were invited for the marriage function may not be Modi men. What would be the headcount of the invitees? Hardly anything to appreciate. Many may not like this advertisement or canvassing for a politician. People will take advantage of his request to save their money to be spent on gifts. I must end it by saying - A stupid host. Very cheap publicity to gain popularity.
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    I heard some people doing these things. It shows their concern for Mr Modi's winning and also shows how deeply they are impressed with his ideology and work he has shown during the last 4-5 years.
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    Dr. Rao, I am surprised that you, as a parent of grown-up children is appreciating these kinds of cheap tactics. Is not the marriage of his son a very personal affair? But yes, given the vote mongering strategies of the BJP, this does not come as a surprise. They are adept at making even death ceremonies a platform to gather votes.
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    The old gentleman has been campaigning for the Prime Minister entirely at his own expense. Who are we to criticize him? He is requesting his invitees (not forcing them) to vote for the present Prime Minister. Who are we to object?

    This is a novel method of campaigning. Criticism for the sake of criticism is not good. But who will teach this simple truth to the pathological Modi-haters? They may be advised to bring out invitation cards for their daughters' marriage requesting invitees not to vote for Modi. But are they ready to bear the expenses?

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    I think this topic has come up for discussion earlier, though can't recall when. I definitely do not think it is a matter of appreciation. Why bring political overtones into a sacred ceremony's aspect?
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    Partha, how can you be so sure that the old gentleman is campaigning for Sri Modi at his own expense? Are you personally aware? Do you know this old gentleman? BJP is one party that can exploit all possible avenues. It is neither unique nor does it come as a surprise.
    'Real knowledge is to know the extent of one's ignorance' - Confucious.

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    A person can design his personal invitation card in any manner he/she desires. Saji Ganesh, Partha K. or Ms. Vandana has no jurisdiction to criticize his/her choice.

    How is BJP coming to the picture? Do you have proof that BJP has paid for the invitation card? Please don't think people don't understand insinuation.

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    Partha, when you can categorically say that it is not otherwise, may I have the freedom to say that it is so? Or is it that only you should be saying and the rest should be listening? If that is the case, it is fine with me. I am off!
    'Real knowledge is to know the extent of one's ignorance' - Confucious.

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    Unlike the liberals, I would not object if anyone prints an invitation card for marriage ceremony requesting the guests not to vote for Modi. I would not intrude in that person's personal space.
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    Going back to a safer zone is a good tactical approach. Good going Partha! But can we hide the truth? I doubt.
    'Real knowledge is to know the extent of one's ignorance' - Confucious.

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    To me, the issue is crystal clear. Can we intrude in others' personal space? Unlike you, I don't talk about truth or falsehood. The truth is that you are poking your nose in that old man's personal matter. He is least bothered about your or my opinion on his invitation card.

    It is only information about an unusually designed invitation card. Nothing more, nothing less.

    Come on, have a fight. Don't shoot and scoot.

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    Ultimate Modi fanboy. We often land in skirmishes here because of our political opinions. Political commentary is a thing and is a right in a way. We are all free to analyse and commentate over a party's rules and measures. But the way of doing it frequently get messed up in ISC. Can members continue being diplomatic while debating these issues please?

    Back to the thread, the old man is selflessly doing this I believe. Maybe he's returning his gratitude to the local BJP minister who might have been helpful to him. A similar thing happened in my college. Just when Telangana got liberated my college initiated a traditional day and always invites KCR's daughter to attend it. These kind of tactics are brilliant. This would keep my otherwise heavily Andhra oriented college in good light in Telangana. Our chairman is a brilliant tactician. He has good ties with both Chandrababu and Chandrashekar, strengthening his hold in both the states. Maybe this old man has such hidden desires. Or maybe he is just finding the present ruling party amazing.

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    I would say it's an idea whose time has come. The idea is to vote for Mr Modi and the time is general elections. Of course, it is the idea of the old man and Aditya has nicely explained the possible reasons in his reply.

    Though this idea is not at all a trendsetter, to every political party this may have opened the door for an opportunity to tap the parents in wedding season to promote their candidates through a message requesting the invitee's support.


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    When an idea to promote a party or candidate is more important in wedding invitations, hope this is more important to earth as well. New Trend in Wedding Invitations and return gifts
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