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    Imagine yourself in a customized Time Machine!

    If I ask you to travel in a Time Machine, I am sure you will go the past and of course to the future. You will choose either the time that you have never experienced earlier but wished you should exist at that time or the time that is yet to come. Actually, we all are inquisitive and it is the call of the unknown that attracts us. We can think of customizing the time machines too. It is somewhat like customizing any design.

    Think of a situation where you are travelling to the 22nd century. You can imagine many things and given the technological progress it will land you in a situation that is already programmed. Now try to customize it in this way. At the 22nd century, a community found a person having a mobile device that was prevalent in the early 2000s in India. You can easily understand that it is not even a smart device and the device is only capable of making/receiving calls and texts. What is going to be the perception of others towards that person who is fiddling with such a backdated device?

    We have heard that long ago scientists and philosophers were tortured because of their progressive thinking. Now in a situation where everyone is progressive and technically fully capable of doing everything, will they torture the person who remained backwards or help him to progress in all possible ways? Is it possible to imagine the situation?
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    Travelling in time is a fascinating idea. I have read some stories and seen some movies regarding this.

    Logically speaking, if it was possible to travel in time then the backward or final situation will be a unique one and the person travelling will himself be transformed either in the past as he was then or in the future as destined so scientifically speaking there will be no comparison.

    Anyway we can always conjecture some thing for fun.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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