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    Will you like to go there?

    In our relations and society we have different types of people. I am talking of especially relatives where we visit in connection with social functions or personal celebrations.

    You might have experienced that some people are very gentle and cordial. If you visit them, you enjoy the stay. You also feel happy when they visit you.

    On the other hand, there are some places where you feel uncomfortable. There is a stamp of flaunting, show off and false pride everywhere. You do not like the atmosphere and have a type of suffocation in that environment.

    You wish you could have skipped going there on some excuse.

    Have you ever encountered such thing in your life? Any experience in this regard?
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    Many times I have experienced the same but for the sake of formality, we have to visit them.

    Actually, these days nature of people have changed a lot they don't care for the people as they used to do in the past.

    Recently I went to a marriage ceremony of a relative in Jaipur. It was actually outside the city in a farmhouse. We left their home in the evening and reached the venue. It was at 11 pm when my kids were tired and said that they want to sleep. I went to my cousin and said that now they are leaving. He didn't even ask where will we go in the night and didn't even ask for the formality that we may go to their home because then he would have to hand over the keys of his house to us. We were confused and worried where will go in the night. Suddenly my elder brother who's family was also with us said that he knew it thats, why he had already asked, his one friend to make an arrangement for us for a night. We went there and had a good time at night. But that was really sad and gave us the feeling that we should not have gone there.


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    I seriously follow the principle of Tamil poet Avvayaar. She was a poetess. She said - Mathiyaathaar Murram Mathithorukaal senru Mithiyaamai Kodi Perum." ( Means - It is worth a crore if you don't step into the house of someone who doesn't respect you). Even if the situation warrants me to visit on an invitation, I would just say Hello and return. I never hesitate to scold my relatives who disrespect me. There are some relatives where I feel free and demand them what I want, and I get it.

    It is true that relatives are not that good as it used to be in the past days. The love, affection and care existed between the relatives have diminished to a great extent. Friends are worthier than their relatives.

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    Some of the people may be like that but most of the time people are cordial only. I have seen in many cases the father of the family may be shrewd but the mother will take care of the guests to he small details.

    Still if you have such an experience in a place then next time it is better to avoid on some pretext so that it is not embarrassing after reaching there.

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    Yeah. Some of my relatives are horrible hosts who's definition of hospitality means flaunting. To be blunt, " Aukaath dikhana", is what they do. I quietly take it all. I am all about business always. I don't let my feelings get to my head if I have some work with that person. If I have no work with that person I won't care to pay a visit to such meaningless places. I hope I don't behave like that when I get filthy rich.
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    The situation of false pride can be often seen in our society where people brag of things and show-offs. This very unfortunate thing to do.
    Such people are often annoyed and can't beat even a slight difference of opinion. So, it is better to avoid all such people who are only flaunting and disrespecting their guests.
    But there are some cordial people who are great, always great to welcome his or her guests. They make their guests comfortable with their behavior that one wish to stay all the time with them.
    Respecting and greating each other is a great honour for people getting these things. Cordial relations are sweet and don't bitter your relationship by disrespecting others.

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    My two uncles stay in two neighbouring houses. They are also staying in our native village only. The elder uncle was no more. But the younger one is there. Initially, whenever I go to my native place, I used to visit both of them. My younger uncle receives us very nicely and feels very happy to talk to me and the whole family members express their happiness. But the elder uncle's family is not like that. They show as if they have only had all the problems that are all existing on the earth. They feel very restless during our stay there. So now I stopped going to their house. I visit my younger uncle and I will come back.
    If people try to show off. I never like to visit them. I feel I am in the wrong place if people feel like that. It is always good to receive people when they come to us and treat them nicely and share our joy for their visit. That will make people happy and they will never feel unhappy about their visit to our house.

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    Thanks for sharing.

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